Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Vintage Forties Nightgown: Simplicity 2000

How's this for practical glamour? I love this pattern: those Forties ladies knew how to get it done!

I made this up in a thrifted poly-cotton blend, a beautiful watercolory pink and white floral. Love the revers collar. On a nightgown. The waist is finished with an ivory ribbon belt that ties in back, taking up the fullness.

Shoulder detail: shirring, my first time ever.

Love the gracefulness of the gathered dart below the bust.

Since I prefer to wear this in a all-cotton fabric, I'm going to put this one in the shop.


Heather said...

Gorgeous nightgown - I love it! (Too bad it is not my size.)

Bethany said...

I love all the dresses you make! I wish that I had the same ability that you have. Real quick I wanted to let you know I was the one who ordered the Jo and Amy dolls. They came today. My little sister and I are so excited to start on them. We were also very happy to find the pattern in the Jo box. Thanks again!

momawake said...

You inspire me to step outside my normal sewing abilities.

How do you do shirring?

Melissa said...

This is stunning! Oh how I wish I could sew~

Storybook Woods said...

Just beautiful and I love the fabric you picked. Clarice

Anonymous said...

That is so pretty! It would be perfect as a summer dress! Very becoming!

AM said...

Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty. But it looks more like a dress.

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