Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Kitchen Scrubbing

Kitchen scrubbing day today, and I was seeing how many kitchen doodads I could squeeze into the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning: a lot! Soapdishes, breadbox and breadbox lid, cookie jar, stove burners, dish that holds the scrubbies, microwave plate, honey dispenser.

Such an easy way to do the occasional deep cleaning.


Dinahsoar said...

The dishwasher is indispensable when it comes to cleaning...but I do love, love, love microfiber. A good microfiber cloth and plain water removes grease and grime far better than any cleaner I've found and it is so fast....I was amazed at how efortlessly grime came off my wall clock above the range in my kitchen, and the collectibles I keep above my cabinets.

I believe I read in a previous post that you too are a fan of microfiber. If you aren't using it in the kitchen, you may want to give it a try...after I discovered the wonders of microfiber, I switched even my dishcloths and dishtowels to said fiber. Just a note...I don't like some of the microfiber dishcloths as dishcloths...they make better cleaning cloths...but I have found one kind that I love...and the dishtowels, cut in half and stitched would make great dishcloths too...

Finally, I love your blog! Thanks for taking the time and sharing with the rest of us.

Family W said...

Oh I totally agree and the dishwasher comes in handy for other areas too, not just the kitchen. Don't forget the little glass globes that go over the lights in the bathroom. I run those through the dishwasher too when they need a good cleaning! :)

Mrs. Pickles said...

Now why did I never think of running my stove drip pans through the dishwasher?? I'm going to try that tomorrow!

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