Friday, May 22, 2009

Behind Felix's Door

A lot goes on behind Felix's door. A lot of thinking and research and lying on the bed looking at the ceiling.

Last week he got the news that he got a spot in a wonderful four-day program at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Ground zero for bird research, mecca for ornithologists: a place foreign to the Composer and me, but intellectual home to Felix.

It seems to be his way these days. He finds unbelievable opportunities, closes his door, and gets down to the business of opening doors. If you will.


Lady Farmer said...

How wonderful that Felix is pursueing what he loves! My youngest daughter just recieved her Master's in Conservation Biology and has a Bachelor's in Wildlife Biology. Now she leaves on Monday for Cameroon, Africa to do a study there working on her PhD. This has been her dream since she was in 8th grade.
Keep following your dream, Felix. Who knows where you will go. Where ever it is, may God go with you!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Felix's nephew wants a "bird" for his birthday. His mother is afraid it would be too smelly in the house. I was wondering how the odor was from Felix's birds and if you have discovered any tricks in minimizing it. One desperately longing, bird loving boy is eager for any advice you can give.
Amy F.

Rose said...

Felix, I am thrilled for you. Anna and The Composer, you must be very proud.

Anonymous said...

For Amy F.,

I'm not Anna, but the owner of many birds, past and present.

Odor is not a problem if you keep the bird's cage clean. Birds themselves are not particularly smelly, and if they have the opportunity to bathe (you can get baths for them, or spritz them with a spray bottle)and preen, they will not smell in themselves. However, built up droppings definitely stink!

If you use layered paper in the bottom of the cage and remove one layer every day,it will keep the cage smelling fine. Perches and cage bars will need to be wiped down. The better your hygeine, the less likelihood of smells and a happier, healthier bird.

It's important to remember that certain birds shed "powder" from their feathers, including some parrots, cockatoos, etc. This would be good to research before going into buying a bird. Still, if you wipe down surfaces near the bird's cage, even a powdery one isn't much trouble. Also, most birds pick through their food and chuck out seed hulls and things they don't want to eat at the moment - so you do have to police the floor.

It's all a matter of how much work your bird-loving young fellow is willing to do. If you get into a routine, birds are very clean pets to have.

Jen said...

Congratulations! We have dear friends that are PROUD Cornell grads! Way to go Felix!

Diane Shiffer said...

how interesting! cornell is right in my neck of the woods... in fact my brother graduated from that school years ago. i think he will love the trip here... lovely scenery and many many lovely birds. i am a fellow bird watcher so i know the thrill!

Anonymous said...

Thank you anonymous for the bird tips. I appreciate it and will pass them on to my sister.
Amy F.

joy said...

Congratulations Felix! What a wonderful honor to be able to do that!


Kat said...

Congratulations to Felix! Would he be willing to share how he has gotten involved with his birding accomplishments? I have a 13 y.o. boy who is very much into birding--he is on a local competitive team and is working on his own GA Big Year. But is always looking for ways to be more involved. Thanks for your help!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Anna

Article I.
Congratulations to Felix! Way to go! Constructive initiative is *so* valuable.

Article II.
Another flurry of lovely totes, Anna! They're gone like hotcakes, heh?

Article III.
Since I am not sure if you have occasion (or take occasion) to read comments on a particular post once you have added one or more posts subsequent, I thought I'd comment here about the skirt project for Costa Rica. I'm in!

Now, I have not commented to any other blog about participating in this project. Should I? Or would that give the false impression that there are three of me? Sakes alive, the older I get the more things I realize I don't know:-)


Lynne in NC said...

I attended our state's homeschool conference this weekend and inside the vendor bags was a postcard for SCAD. I immediately thought of your Giles and smiled.

I pray that Felix will be able to follow his heart's desire as well.


Tracy said...

Well done Felix! I'm sure he'll come home from his experience buzzing with all the wonderful things he will have had the opportunity to be involved in.

Jen said...

How wonderful that he sees what he wants and goes for it! I hope my boys someday have that kind of drive and focus.

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