Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Mascot for Felix

For several weeks in a row I eyed this beauty at the thrift store without buying. Meanwhile, he was hanging out in the party supplies waiting for me to realize how perfect he would be for Felix's dorm room this fall. Perfect because he hangs from the ceiling, folds up flat, weighs nothing, and is, bottom line, a dimensional tissue paper penguin.

Life size.


Anonymous said...

Oh how perfect! He's got such personality! Twas' a dreary day today, perfect for your soothing broccoli soup...so I spent the day in the kitchen and enjoyed the fruits of my labor!

In Christ,
Dawn :)

Sharon said...

Very cute! :)

Have a great day Anna!


Anna said...

Oh, how cute! I have to visit thrift items a few times before purchasing them, too. It's actually a written rule I have for found objects that I write about while blogging. Right now I have a felted wool hat at an antiques store calling my name but I've only seen it once. It will have to wait. I enjoy reading your posts very much. And your name is wonderful ;)

Christine said...

It is amazing just what you can find at a thrift store! I love it.

Caroline said...

Haha! So cute!

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