Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Fresh Infusion of Orchids

. . . because only one of my old ones is in bloom right now, and it isn't pink . . . and I'm hosting a bridal shower this weekend . . . and they're only $10 at Kroger this week . . . . .


Erica Lea said...

Hmmm...I love orchids. I think they're one of my Grandma's favorites as well. They are just so elegant, yet feminine.

Linda said...

I think that is very sound reasoning. It is beautiful.

Real Mamacita said...

I visit your blog regularly at lunch to look at the pictures in an attempt to bring tranquility to my busy work days in Austin, TX. You never fail me.

Thank you for your committment to this blog and inspiration you give to be a more creative mom.

Sharon said...

Just beautiful!

Have a glorious weekend and a great time at the shower :)


Lucie Manette said...

Ms. Anna--

I've been reading your blog for some time. I just wanted to comment at long last to say that as I really love the vintage fashions, sewing and knitting,I find your blog very encouraging. Keep it up!


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog. Thanks for your encouragement.

I just purchased my first orchid a week ago and the blooms are becoming spent and falling off.

Where do you store your orchids when they are not in bloom?

Do you do any special pruning?

I followed your directions for rinsing and then feeding them.

Thank you.

Anna said...

To prune, I cut off spent stalks but only when they are clearly dying back. If it's not dying back, it will often do a complete re-bloom, so leave it alone.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your response to my recent question about caring for the orchid.

The Lord's continued blessings and thank you again.

(You do not have to post this comment. I just did not know of another way to send you my thank you.)

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