Friday, August 21, 2009

Thrifty Pompoms

Easy pompoms from a thrift store staple--packaged rug yarn! My finds here are a cream acrylic yarn, and a mostly-wool pale blue. Each package will yield 3-5 pompoms.

The only other things you need are scissors, and a source of basically matching yarn or heavy thread. I had knitting yarn to match the cream, and used regular embroidery floss to match the pale blue.

To get started, pick up a section of yarn pieces that measure about an inch across when squished. The acrylic is much loftier and smushier than the wool, which has more crisp definition. Try to keep the ends even when handling.

Cut a ten-inch length of matching yarn, and lay the bundle down on it.

Bring the ends of the yarn up and tie a regular old knot. An extra hand is very useful here to put a finger down on the knot while you're tying.

Cinch it up as rightly as possible while you're tying. Then trim the ends of your ties to match the ends of the pompom.

You might need to twist and tweak slightly to get it to fluff out. Also, if anything weaseled its way out a little, it can be trimmed to fit. But don't get carried away (it's fun!).

If you're using embroidery floss, cut your thread twice as long, about twenty inches. Double your thread loosely before laying the bundle of yarn down on it.

To tie, pass the two loose ends through the loop that's formed on the other side. You can then cinch tightly and tie the knot there.

Trim as before.

I think I'll use these to trim a gift.


Susie said...

When I was little my mom had a little plastic pompon maker. She gave my daughter one a few years ago. They are so fun!

Unknown said...

YEA!! Now I can make pompoms! Thanks! :)

mrs boo radley said...

These are so sweet! I love the colors and the simplicity.

Lisateresa said...

Very good idea - but perhaps they are only a thrift store staple OUT YOUR WAY - I've never seen them here! You get all sorts of interesting things!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

You are brilliant! I've seen these before in thrift stores and didn't know what to do with them! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

Caroline said...

What a great idea!

The Missus said...

On my latest trip to the thrift store I found a Living magazine back issue that has instructions on making animals out of pom-poms. If only I could find packaged rug yarn, too!

Sommer said...

Great idea! Michael's sells the rug kits, so perhaps they have the yarn? I may just go check it out :-)

Sommer(from S&S board)

Mackenzie said...

Brilliant! Much easier than the cardboard way! Here's a tip for tying the know, without needing a third hand! It's called a surgeons knot, and all you do is wrap the knot twice instead of once. The extra wrap really holds everything in place and eliminates the need for the third hand!

~Mackenzie (S&S)

Oh, found this (just ignore their second thread, as it doesn't apply to the pompoms):

Hopewell said...

Your thrift stores are way, way better than ours!

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