Monday, October 12, 2009

Bringing Home Kimmie's Daughter

Here is something funny about adoption. When you tell people you are getting a child, especially a boy or girl coming out of a bad situation, people tend to remark that the child is so lucky, so blessed.

But really the shoe is on the other foot. When an adoptive family finds out they are getting a child, they know are the luckiest ones in the world, the most blessed.

Kimmie got to bring home this wonder child from Ethiopia in January. And now her baby is getting a big sister, an angelic-looking child who thought she would never be chosen out of her orphanage.

If I get to help her bring her new daughter home, I will feel like the lucky one. I'll be stocking my shop all week with things I've sewn and things I've found for this very purpose. Every penny of the things that show up in my shop this week go straight to bringing home Kimmie's daughter.

Join me and shop here!


Polly said...

What a wonderful photo. And what a great idea! I love that sumac cord quilt. If I had a daughter who could romp in the pinks, I'd buy it!

It's so nice to hear your beautiful perspective on adoption. It is something I have prayerfully considered for a year or two, and recently struck hard by Matthew 25:35--I was a stranger, and you invited me in.

Unknown said...

Oh, to help Kimmie and her family!! I am in. I had been praying about this. Thank you, I stopped in the shop tonight, and I will check everyday.

lesthook said...

What a beautiful little girl! I don't know Kimmies story but form the looks of this sweet child,yes she is blessed.

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful. I just returned from Ethiopia last week. I traveled with my friend who adopted a sibling group of 4! Just 6 weeks before heading to Ethiopia the birth mom dropped 2 more children off at the orphanage. Those 2 children will be adopted by another couple at our church. Amazing story!
Anna, it's wonderful that you're supporting your friend.
Amy, mom to 2 Asian kids from afar

Rebecca said...

I am so teary. As the mother of four children adopted internationally I know that my husband and I are so blessed. We are so amazed that our of such tragedy our family was woven by God. What a dear friend you are to see that your friend and those that love her are the blessed and "lucky" ones to have lives changed by these children.

Kimberly Burt said...

How exciting, makes me nostalgic to see, miss my baby emma, she's little miss emma now!

Mrs. U said...

I LOOOVE adoption!! I am so very happy for your friend!! And what a wonderful friend YOU are for helping her!! Of course, once adoption touches your life, you are changed forever, aren't you? :)

Mrs. U

Rose said...

But really the shoe is on the other foot...they know are the luckiest ones in the world, the most blessed. So true Anna. That was also my experience when my elderly mother came to live with us seven years ago. We are so blessed.

Best wishes with fund raising.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the newest arrival.

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

indeed, love transcends all. this is an inspiration.

TRS said...

How fabulous!! I love the news of families finding each other!!!

As a child of adoption myself... I agree with you - though I'll say I'm pretty lucky.

It always stirs me the wrong way when people who have never been close to an adoption (who is THAT anyway? !!) make strange remarks... like, "Oh your parents must be such wonderful people."
Yes they are... but not because they adopted me.

When will people understand that adoption is just another way to create a family... and not some strange, queer thing?
It could start with the way celebrity families are described... it boils my blood to hear reports that say, "Celebrities X & Y have two adopted children and two children of their own." Grrr.
sorry for my rant

A family is a family. And adoption is beautiful!!

Elisabeth Black said...

Can I do that too? I wish I'd realized it was only for the week, or I would have said something sooner. What do you think?

Anna said...

Beth, I'm keeping on for more than a week, for sure! Please feel free to jump in in any way--buying, selling, or just plain donating.

Elisabeth Black said...

emailing you

Hopewell said...

Amen! I'm an adoptive Mom. I am far more blessed!

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