Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Mobile in the Window

Easy and beautiful: a hickory stick from the back yard (actually it was tangled in the clothesline, so I achieved two things at once!), and chandelier droplets tied on with fishing line.


Lady Farmer said...

Simplicity at its best!
I bet the light just dances around the room!

Lisateresa said...

That beautiful gray color on the walls has led the way to another degree of elegance in your decor. The added sparkle will be especially pretty with winter coming on, I think.

Julian said...

wish i had the smarts like you. Simple and beautiful.

Farrah said...

I agree with the cooments above. Unusual yet simply beautiful. I am wishing that God would send you to my neck of the woods to help me decorate my abode. Thank you for sharing, Anna!

ruth@gracelaced said...

This is simply chic. Makes me think of the elegant little creations that think up at Anthropologie stores!

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