Friday, November 13, 2009

Sumptuous Bohemian Apron

So those long linen dresses at the thrift store? They make up into aprons so easily! I was doing these narrower lined aprons, but now I'm working them up differently. Unlined, but much fuller. Just cut off as much of the bottom of the dress as you want to use, then cut off the button strips (or zippered seam) so that you have most of a skirt, with an unfinished cut up the back (or front, just turn it around) and an unfinished waist.

The fun part is picking out coordinating fabric to use in a wide binding strip down the back sides. Once that's in place, I choose another fabric for the waistband and attach that as I did in my other linen aprons (see the link above), but I fold pleats in the side fronts of the apron, and into the back, basting in place before sewing the waistband on.

And to tie it all together, I like to do a little applique that brings both fabrics into play, and I am very partial to layered squares.

This one's going in the shop.


YayaOrchid said...

The colors are beautiful! The fabrics complement each other so well. Wish our thrift store carried linen dresses. I've never seen any there.

Polly said...

Great Scott! I love it! I've made an apron from your other tutorial before but I like this one even better! Seeing as how I've got at least 3 dresses and coordinating fabrics waiting in the queue, I'm going to do *this* next time!

annamaria potamiti said...

You make it al look so easy Anna- ad so much fun!

Sarah said...

Beautiful! I love your narrow aprons but since I'm a "back hip wiper" need something with more coverage. The next time I find a dress to use, I'm going to make one like this! It's gorgeous. Almost too pretty for an apron. :)

BlueCastle said...

Beautiful. Another reason I need to go to the thrift store today... :)

Julie said...

That is so beautiful!

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