Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bella Makes Soft Pretzels

Bella has been busy in the kitchen. First a major batch of focaccia to raise money for Kimmie's adoption. These things sell like garlicky hotcakes.

Then, getting started on a few Christmas gift baskets, she did a double batch of soft pretzels. They don't look all that pretzelly per se, but the suggestion is there, and they were very good! They're a great choice for an actual gift basket, because they shouldn't be stored in an airtight container. Instead, we nestled them in a basket lined with parchment paper, and covered them with wax paper for a rustic yet chic presentation.


Anna said...

mmm, sounds good, nothing like a good salty pretzel - except maybe a bit of chocolate to eat with it! Looking forward to the day when I have one old enough to perform so independently in the kitchen.

SF said...

They look wonderful Bella!
Anna, where were you able to sell the pretzels? We too are striving to raise money towards Kimmie's adoption and I would love some more ideas!
Saminda xo

Farrah said...

Congratulations Bella on your gift.

Amy said...

MM, those pretzels look delicious! Could you share the recipe, perhaps?

Cynthia said...

I would love to see how you arranged your baskets. I love your blog!!

Katie said...

I am so happy to hear about Bella raising money by me a few ideas...hmmmm.

I have updated my etsy shop again to help raise money for Kimmie.

Rose said...

Bella you have really come on in leaps and bounds with your baking this year. Well done!

Wenonah4th said...

I've made soft pretzels and they are at their best when they're as fgresh as can be, like just cooled enough that you don't burn yourself

Kimmie said...

Thank you are such a gift to my family.

Thank you all, for coming along-side of us in this adoption. We are so blessed to walk this road with you. I know God is smiling, because one of His orphans is receiving so much love/care
(James 1:27) and soon a forever family hand-picked by God.

My words will never fully explain how you have brought joy to our hearts and lives at this step of our God given path.

Thank you truly.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

*expecting from Ethiopia-Yeah God!

Donna Ashton said...

Yumm..I just pulled out a recipe for soft pretzels yesterday. This picture is enough to put me over the edge! I must bake some.. Love your blog!

Megan said...

I mentioned this post and your family in my blog yesterday--

Bella inspired me to do some pretzel-baking of my own. I'm very impressed with her-- you must be a proud Mama (as if we all couldn't tell already!)

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