Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Roast Chickens in a Black Pan

For some reason these came out of the oven *extra* good today. I stuffed each with a celery stalk and half an onion, sprinkled each with salt and then drizzled with olive oil--nothing new. After two hours in the oven at 400 they had reached that nice medium mahogany color, without being dry.

One chicken went to a friend recuperating from neck surgery (it was very successful!), and one stayed home, where it was much enjoyed.


Lisa Beth W. said...

I'm so glad your friend's surgery was very successful! That makes me happy today. :) And those chickens do look so delicious. Chicken is my favorite food.

Anonymous said...

Anna, I enjoy learning these things in my snippets of time with 5 little ones. Do you have any comments on this (do you do this any differently)? I wash the chicken with warm water in the sink first. Then, I clean the sink and counter where the chicken was with soft scrub because of the supposed salmonella. thanks, Mary Brooke mbaria@bellsouth.net

Elisabeth Black said...
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Elisabeth Black said...

Yay. Totally inspired me to put celery, lemon, garlic and some bizarre recent shoots of rosemary (rosemary, did you notice you're under snow?) into my chicken tonight.

Mary Brooke, if I could butt in, I'd use cold water to wash the chicken. And dish soap would probably do the trick for cleaning your sink.

Anna said...

I clean my sink and counter with the spray bottle of diluted vinegar I keep under the sink for cleaning. They say it kills everything gross.

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