Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Daisy Visits the New Neighbors

You probably would believe that she went bounding down the path on four separate occasions today.

And you probably wouldn't be surprised to learn she used her top speed.

But did you know she was carrying a bag of wilted lettuce?

Welcome to the neighborhood, fellows.


terry said...

What beautiful rabbits! Daisy will surly enjoy having such sweet new friends. :)

I dont know alot about caring for rabbits...but an aquaintance of mine has some, and she said they can become yummy meals for hungry foxes!
Please be sure that they have a nice soft hiding place, and that their hutch is high off the ground and that their little feet will be protected.
I was told by the aquaintance that the fox actually chewed off the rabbits foot! Sorry to be so descriptive!

Netajane said...

I love how you make everything to be such a wonderful adventure! I've been reading your blog for a couple years now...just finally created my own account so I could respond. Thanks for sharing these precious family moments with us.

Anonymous said...

Cute neighbors, we had 2 sweet bunnies years ago. Named Beatrice and Buttons...cute, cute bunnies! Have you named the new neighbors?

Anonymous said...

Oh so sweet! I love the white one in the cage...reminds me of my rabbit from when I was a little girl. Are these guys yours or a neighbors'? I'm hoping to get a pet rabbit "soon"! I've been researching for so long and just need "the perfect bunny" to come into my life now. Kind of like how you got Frederick, I'm not "looking" but rather waiting to see if I come across one that needs a home. I have the heart, hutch, and time! :D

In Christ,

Lisateresa said...

Easter bunnies need to keep up their strength!

Becca said...

The rabbits are so sweet. I am sure Daisy is enjoying them.

Anonymous said...

lettuce is dangerous for rabbits

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