Saturday, May 01, 2010

In Which I Answer Your Questions

How do you order your time?
I get up on the early side, have my tea, quiet reading and writing, and most mornings head out for the gym or the trail while the big girls are stirring. When I get back they are dressed and starting school. I clean up and dress, and that's about when Daisy rises. She sleeps twelve hours, so by putting her to bed around 9:30 (and enjoying a family evening together) we get a very relaxed morning with time for workouts. Then I do school with Daisy--that takes about half an hour. I use the rest of the morning for cleaning, baking, and getting starting on dinner.

Everyone stops for lunch and we clean up the kitchen. Bella is often finished with school by noon, and spends the afternoon reading, practicing voice, going for a run, baking, or whatever she likes. Clara usually works until at least 4:00, with breaks for piano and cello practice and outside play. I try to sew for an hour or so in the afternoons if I can, and I also do my minimal weeding and extra house projects, just life stuff.

I cook around 5:00, with the girls' help--I love this time together--we eat together, and just hang out in the evening.

I am very careful with my trips to town: I go for music lessons, gymnastics, and one weekly grocery trip. If I need to do an errand, I always piggyback it onto one of these (and in fact, I do the groceries during cello). It's on these trips that I run into the thrift store, at least once a week.

Listen up! This schedule works for me because I have older children who do schoolwork independently! Everyone is at a different place in their life. Just be smart and think about how to fit it together as best you can with what you have.

Do you still make breakfast every morning?
Nope, not since we started running. And Daisy sleeps too late. Most mornings we eat something baked before, though the Composer has reverted to his cereal ways, and maybe twice a week the girls or I make pancakes. Bella makes popovers, too.

How do you get so much sewing done?
I'm fast now that I've been practicing for six years. Don't be afraid to use a successful pattern over and over--that's so much faster and it's so satisfying to know there won't be fitting issues. Don't be afraid to do just a tiny bit in a session. Maybe one seam. Or thread your machine. Then come back when you can.

How do you find time for yourself?
1. Perfectionism is not your friend. The house doesn't have to be perfect for you to sit down and relax. You hear?
2. Able-bodied children should be working and helping you! There's no rule that everyone plays but mother.
3. If you have a rough schedule of when things get cleaned, you'll know that even if the toy room is a pit today, the house is "caught up" because it gets its due tomorrow. So take it easy and do something fun.

Advice for young moms?
Honey, it's different for you. Don't expect to be able to do everything during these days. These days are the most challenging parenting you'll do. Keep up with the laundry, feed your family fresh vegetables, sweep the floor when you have to, get some fresh air, and try, try, try to do a little something creative every day. You'll feel so much better.

Tell us Bella's adoption story.
The Composer and I knew we wanted to adopt from the time we married. We felt the time was right to begin the process when Clara was a baby. We used a private domestic agency, and our wait time was about five months. It was very exciting to see God's hand in that process. We brought her home when she was four weeks old. I was able to exclusively breastfeed her for seven months, having nursed Clara just hours (literally!) before getting Bella.

Being a transracial family is not an issue for us, seriously, and we live in the small-town South. Here's my one story. I had Bella in a front pack, the first week she was home, at the grocery store. Two good old boys, dressed in camo from head to toe, headed down the aisle towards me. They had a visual lock on my baby and they were clearly going to say something. I braced myself. They stopped and moved in. "What a cutie!" they said, before moving on. The end.

How did you get your children excited about Christmas trips?
I don't know. They just seemed to intuitively know that toys aren't worth much. They don't watch advertising. They love to do things, learn things, go places, and eat in nice restaurants. That seemed to do it. We do give them little things at Christmas, as well as the trip. Games and books are very nice to have on Christmas day, and something useful for the trip is always appropriate also--a suitcase, a field guide, a special outfit.

Why "The Composer"?
The Composer writes music for film, advertising, etc. He also does many other things involving film. He's very particular about his privacy, so that's all I can share!

Why did the marathon post disappear?
The Composer felt it was too much (identifying) information. But let me reiterate: I did run a marathon!!

What does Daisy do for school?
We do two to four pages of Miquon math, then she reads to me from the book of her choice, and writes a few sentences, either copying my writing, or generating her own interesting spellings. This is how I've worked with all my children. We'll continue on like this until about age 8, when we'll add some more formal schoolwork.

Do you trace your vintage patterns?
Not unless I'm making changes. If you want to trace and need to buy something to do it on, I like Swedish interfacing. It should show up on google. It's nice and sturdy, but also transparent, and it won't rip.

How do you finish a seam with bias binding?
By stitching bias binding over the inside raw edges, either both together, or each side separately. Like finishing the edge of an apron.

What blogs inspire you?
Hands down, Homeliving Helper is my favorite blog. Even if you don't agree with Lydia's conservative politics, and have a different aesthetic in decorating, her rock-solid thinking about living at home is invaluable and so helpful.

Will you put a PDF of the Helga smock in your Etsy shop?
I'd like to, but I make no promises.

Blogging: the good and the bad?
Best ever? Hearing from you all, your beautiful thanks this week. Second best? The creative discipline of approaching every day with open eyes for something to post. I also love the visual and practical record for my own use.

Worst? This experience has been entirely good. I'm quite sure I've been divinely protected from ugliness here. I think maybe eight unfriendly comments in five years (do I hear a world record?), and no repeat offenders.

Do you still work as an attorney?
No, not now. I scaled back, then quit. I have been so grateful for the decreased pressure. Especially as the boys have transitioned to other places, I found they needed a lot of access through the day that I couldn't have given if I weren't at home. It's been a tremendous, completely positive blessing.

And you know, you can leave small children with friends for a few hours on a weekday morning, but when your children have plans, things to achieve, and places to go, it's not fair to uproot all that. And I'm not leaving them alone!

And finally, will you update?
My dear friends, I look forward with great pleasure to giving you an annual update around this time, complete with pictures! If they still have blogs in the future that is 2011, and if anyone still cares!


Christine said...

Great closing post. Can't wait for the annual updates! This blog has been my wake-up-to for the past four years and will be greatly missed. Thanks again :)

~katie~ said...

I definitely care, Anna, and will look forward to any update that may appear. All of you will be missed...even sweet Frederick...

Thank you for all the practical wisdom and beauty you have displayed through this blog.

God be with you all!!

Polly said...

Anna, I just popped in here this evening to see if you had anything new up and got such a treat and blessing. I've loved so many of your particular posts but this one is probably my favorite because it ministers to me--young mother!!!!!!!!!--so directly and with such wisdom. Thank you so very much!!

And....I will tell you I felt grateful to read that you've given up law for now. Not sure why; probably b/c I gave it up when my son started to crawl faster and nap less, and it felt like a lot of pressure to be trying to feed him cheerios while discussing a contract with a client. I felt like it was such a blessing to be able to do that, even though societally it was counter-cultural (esp in my peer group). Everyone's situation is so different, of course--it just wasn't working *for me.* Knowing that you have also made a similar choice but for a different reason--older children needing you--helps, somehow.

And yes. Update us again. I know I care!

Thank you again for your wisdom.

Polly said...

PS--I'm also soothed to know I'm not the only person who puts a smallish child to bed a bit later so the child will sleep later in the morning (so I can do coffee/Bible/reading before he awakens...). We love our family time in the evenings!

Geer Family said...

Very much enjoyed reading about your schedule and your encouragment to moms of young children. We'll be having #3 this Fall and the oldest will have just turned 4. I've never been introduced by the idea to wait until age 8 for more formal schooling. Can you share where I can read more about this approach? thnx

mrs boo radley said...

You are entirely fabulous. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Flepandco said...

Thank you for your time and letting us into your life Anna. It's been a tremendous blessing to me - know that God has used your blog to encourage someone else from another part of the world to stay sane and grounded. I will look forward to your annual updates. Godspeed.

Anonymous said...

So sad to see you go as I've truly enjoyed your beautiful, thoughtful entries. Blessings to you as you follow the Lord's leading.


Rose said...

Best wishes to you and yours Anna. Thank you.

annamaria potamiti said...

Dear Anna,your blog will be so missed,... you will be missed and your lovely family! Thank you for everything-good luck with all the new steps-
Annamaria :)

Anonymous said...

One more question (please?)...have you really only been sewing for 6 years?!! I meant to ask how long you had been sewing in my original comment, but forgot to :)

Alicia said...

Thanks, Anna! If you ever have time and the inclination to write a book about your homeschooling journey, I would buy it!

Anonymous said...

We'll still care.

M said...

As a long time reader, if not commenter, I wish you every happiness in your life without blog. I've enjoyed reading your little pieces of calm each week.

Mrs M. said...

You make me wish I had continued with my homeschooling instead of giving up and putting my children in school. I felt I was not achieving much but looking at what you do with Daisy - maybe I was expecting too much of myself.

Thanks for sharing and giving me a glimpse into your life on the other side of the world.

In Christ, Naomi MacKenzie (Australia)

Shelley said...

Interesting. Up until now I've thought one of the main characteristics of your writing - and it was both wonderful and awful, if that makes any sense - was the rather detached voice you used. One had to infer a lot about your personality from the activities you talked about and so the subject matter had the forefront. This post has the most personal voice you've used to date and it's very different. I'm sorry you've not been as personal before, but then it would have been a different blog. So, what time did you do for your marathon?

Unknown said...

You are very blessed. It is a wonderful thing you are doing for your family by being there for them. God bless you.

Hana - Marmota said...

I certainly do care.
Thanks for answering the questions, even though none of them was mine.

Ren said...

I only started reading your blog at the end of last year and now you're closing it up :o( I'd missed the past few posts so I didn't catch on about your leaving the blog world until all the way at the end. And then I had to read a few more times to make sure I got it right.

I'll miss your updates, but real life always matters more. God bless you and your lovely family :o)

Kara said...

Anna, I just came around to "catch up"... a weekly ritual for the past three years. You have touched my life in many ways through your blog and posts at sensibility, inspiring me to plunge into vintage sewing, make 'method' soups, read GLH, and paint my dining room woodwork a silvery, heuchera green. I have gleaned so much from your sharing. Especially in my thinking about family and learning.

Thank you for these gifts. I feel very much like a fledgling being pushed from the nest. How foolish that seems. But there it is.

Please, do send the updates. And please, if you would, consider being an occasional blogger? I know that a post every few weeks, or month or so, is a blogging no man's land to many, but do consider. You have had a real ministry here. Perhaps you will find all is not said.

There is a time for every thing under heaven. God bless you and your family in our journey to Him.


Anna said...

thank you for everything - and may God bless your next venture!

New England Girl said...

Isn't this funny? I feel a bit sadder now than I did when I read your earlier notice of stopping the blog. Now I can feel it happening.

I can't express how much your blog has given me. It has been a respite in a busy life and a motivation to slow down, observe and appreciate.

Thank you for sharing your life with us.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I loved the Q&A. You have answered questions I've been curious about (like your adoption story).

Although I haven't commented often (just keeping up with my own blog takes time so I read my favorites on Google Mail)... you have always been a favorite.

Ohiomomof4 said...

I have to admit that I have been a lurker for about a year. I am very sad that you won't be blogging often. We are so very different in our lifestyles and beliefs, but I am drawn to all that you do. I find you inspirational and I will sadly miss your daily inspiration. Good luck in all you do and good luck with your beautiful children. God Bless!!!

Sandy said...

What a nice surprise to find a post! I just clicked on out of habit!


In Christ,

Lisateresa said...

We all care, Anna; we're not going to forget about this blog and what we've learned from you.
What Kara said is certainly true for me - "I feel like a fledgling being pushed from the nest"!
That's it! I'm going to start a blog. I've been looking for a reason, and here it is before me. It will help ease the pain (withdrawal, and sadness), and spur me on to use what I've learned from you in my own life. (What good is being a student otherwise?) And I'll see what I'm made of. (but I really feel like crying) :(

God bless

Paula said...

Oh, I will miss your blog! Wishing you and your lovely family all the very best. I look foward to your update in 2011.

God Bless.

sherri said...

I will always care. There will be an Anna shaped void in my blog reading.

Carol said...

Thank you for this post. If possible, I hope you do give updates in the future.

Carol (MD)

Anonymous said...

Same time, next year? It's a date...but of course I will check in more often than peruse the archives or perhaps in hope that another post will appear sooner than later.

Thank you!


P.S. I've always admired the way you avoided the TMI factor on your blog. Sometimes I think I've been scarred for life from some facebook 'friends' that lack that restraint ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, dear Anna for the years of you shared your life with us here in blogland.

I've loved seeing your family grow through the years. Your posts about caring for your grandmother were especially comforting to me as I was also caring for mine in her last days.

Your recipes and home tips have been great and I am thankful you're keeping the blog online for us to read. It will be strange not to have coffee or tea with you in the morning.

You should be proud of your children and I know the Lord is moving you to serve Him in another way. I will look forward to your will be like attending a family reunion. Blessings to you and yours......

With much appreciation-

Unknown said...

I will be looking forward to the updates annully...God Bless..Jill- in Ohio

Linda said...

Thank you Anna. I, too, will look forward to updates. Somehow the Father knits our hearts together in this "bloggy world". He has used you to enrich, encourage and delight so many of us.
Praying His richest blessings on you and your family in the coming months.

Anonymous said...

Thank You, Anne. Thank You, so much for answering many of our questions. I wish I had asked now what you do with your Children when they get older (past the year of 8) for their more formal education. :) However, I think I get it! At least, I hope! There will always be more questions and it could drag out forever! (lol) So, thank you for answering a few!

You played a huge part in helping me seeing beauty!

God Bless you and the Composer for your vision of Family. God bless your Children!

Mom of Five said...

I can't believe you're actually leaving. Even though we've never met or even emailed one another, I feel like I'm losing a who inspired me to be a better wife and mother, as well as teaching me how to enjoy things just for myself without feeling guilty. Thank you Anna, ANC blessings to you and yours.

Unknown said...

I'm going to miss your blogging so much. I hope you decide to update more frequently. I have found so much inspiration here and also comfort. Thank you for sharing glimpses into your life and your family's.

Amy said...

I enjoyed this post greatly. I will miss you very much! Thanks for sharing the story of Bella's's something I've been curious about for the past few years that I've been reading your blog. You will be very missed in Bloggerworld. :)

Karen said...

I can't imagine anyone not caring for updates here! I, for one, will look forward to the news from Pleasantview. Thank you for answering these questions, and it's refreshing to see that your family is not stressed out trying to "do" everything. Taking time for yourself is so important. We've always limited TV and computer time in our home, and it's amazing how much time that leaves for other, less stressful activities and projects.

Thank you for the blessing you have been.
I wish you and your sweet family well. May God bless you.

silly lilly's said...

Thank you again for sharing your life with us. You will be truly missed. God be with you and your family! And yes! please update whenever you feel led. I'm still keeping you under my "favorites"!

4given1 said...

Anna, I have enjoyed your blog greatly. When I first found it I went back and read every post in a few sittings! You will be sorely missed. Can't wait for the first update. Thanks for sharing your wonderful life and family. I pray y'all will continue to be blessed.


Krystle Laura said...

I will look forward to the updates too, hopefully more often than once a year. :) You will be so missed!! Thank you again for sharing so much loveliness.

Abigail said...

I've been a huge fan of your blog now for a few years, as are my sister and mother. I'll be so sad not to have your updates to read!

I think what I've always enjoyed most about your blog is seeing a faith-filled homeschooling family in action. I was a homeschooler ('graduating' in 1998).

Thank you once again for such a delightful blog and best of luck with all your future endeavors!

Mrs. MK said...

Thank you for such a fun post!

Your style has greatly influenced mine, and I love your family as much as is possible for those who I have never met! Thank you for sharing your family and your life with me!

Rachel Marie said...

Your blog has been a beautiful place to visit and I will miss it. Thank you for your advice to young moms! It is easy to feel overwhelmed and lose sight of what is important and I think you summed it up so well.
Rachel- wife, homeschooling mother of 5 children ages 1-8, sometimes house cleaner, long lost knitter.

Katelyn said...

I keep coming to your blog thinking that perhaps you've changed your mind. I'll be coming back in a year to see how your family has been!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anna, what are we to do? I posted a comment before but for some reason it didn't go through. I won't try and reproduce it here, because I am in a different stage of the grief process (yes, it is a loss!).

I would have spent the whole weekend in pj's eating chocolate if I didn't had so much to do, I was so sad. Your blog has meant so much to me, you know, on days when it's been hard to get going .... knowing that there was beauty and order somewhere else just seemed to help. This blog project of yours has truly been blessed by God, it has been *such* a ministry to me and many other woman who all want the same thing; to be steadfast and true in our calling as homemakers. (Thanks for the link to homeliving helper - it's like a liferaft:)) To excel at it, to love it, to do it well.

I am still coming to terms with not being able to check in with you. I too trust God, so we'll be OK, but some things are harder to deal with than others. In fact, I can see some good in it for me personally; rather than live vicariosuly through you, perhaps I might do some cultivation of my own? I will still miss your inspiration.

I hope and pray that whatever is next for you is just as fruitful. Maybe publishing a book, apppearing on TV, or maybe down-sizing, I don't know. But if you ever do do anything public, please let us know.

Isn't is amazing how one woman tapping away at her computer keyboard can influence so many lives? I make your bread, I've dusted off my sewing machine, I take photo's, I *think* more about meals, I've bought How to be a domestic goddess (love the filo pie), I try just that bit harder to get creative. Thank you so much. And I don't even know you! (hard to explain to my husband I'm crying because PVS is no longer blogging - sounds quite pathetic if you ask me, but I was so sad!)

Thanks for this last post too, explaining the logistics a little bit. There's so much wisdom there. While it's sad you're leaving, it's been great.

May God bless you abundantly.

Rie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eleanor Joyce said...

Your blog has been an oasis of calm, and beauty, and quiet dignity.

Your posts reflect and share a life lived purposefully and joyfully, with such an appreciation for true beauty.

I'll sure miss visiting, but wish you and your family the very best.

God bless,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing me to Grace Livingston Hill. I am sorry you will no longer be writing your blog. You will be missed by me. I don't think you realize how important you are to your readers.

Mrs. Pickles said...

Thank you so much, Anna, for sharing so many moments of beauty and joy with us. Your blog has been a good reminder, especially on days when I feel discouraged, to appreciate these little tastes of heaven, as well as to try to find moments to be creative.
It's also been fun watching your Daisy grow -- she is as old as my Katie, and they seemed to share so many similar interests. God bless your family!

Amy said...

A thousand thanks, Anna. In this post, your engaging personality comes through so loud and clear. It's almost like I can *hear* your voice.

Congratulations on the marathon. I did one eight years ago and I am still amazed and proud of the accomplishment.

I love your adoption story. Thinking of walking that road ourselves...

An annual update would be delightful!!

Blessings on your sweet family,

Tanya@EverAfterCottage said...

Anna, thank you so much for giving us these glimpses into your life. You are an inspiration in so many ways. I will miss you, and I look forward to updates.

God Bless!

Tanya@EverAfterCottage said...

Oh! I forgot to say - your blueberry coffee cake recipe is a huge favorite here! I made it when I was in labor with my youngest. Put it in the oven only 3 hours before she was born and enjoyed it with my husband, midwives and brand new baby girl. It is now our official Birth Day cake! If it can be made when one is in labor, it is truly a simple recipe. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I will still care!

I have so enjoyed your blog over the years. In fact, if I have only time enough to visit one blog a day, and/or I just need a little peaceful visual refreshment, I go to your blog. Thank you so much for blessing my life with your creativity, words, and pictures.

-Goodwife H.

Jen said...

I have always wondered if you used your children's real names--because I love them. I guess now I can assume not! :-) I have so enjoyed following your sweet family. May God richly bless each of you as you live and love for HIS glory! You will be dearly missed and your yearly update will be eagerly anticipated.

Karla said...

To echo what many have said, we DO care! :) Perhaps too much....

Thank you for sharing and for blessing so many. Hope to "see" you sooner, rather than later....

An Adventurer in the World said...

thanks for the Q and A!

deb meyers

Jeanne said...


I am a lurker - I am not a blogger - no Google identity :) -- but I check in on your blog quite often. There are a few things I appreciate about what you have done here:

1. The simplicity (no ads - Thank you!)
2. Retaining your privacy, yet still sharing inspiring thoughts on family, home and beauty.
3. Discovering and then cultivating your children's gifts.
4. Thank you for sharing what you do with your children in the early years regarding their schooling. I see this has benefited your family greatly. It has obviously allowed them time to explore and discover their passion. That's really beautiful.

I am happy for this new chapter in your life. I applaud your decision to move to the next thing, even though you will be missed. We look forward to next year to see what the Lord has opened up for you. Many, many blessings.

naomi said...

This makes me sad all over again that you are leaving. I'm glad blogging has been such a positive experience for you. I especially loved your adoption story - we adopted our first baby also. Love in Christ to you and your family in the years to come.

cheryl said...

I am going to miss you so much. I can't begin to tell you the blessing that you have been to me. I just count you as one of my blessings. I promise I'll try not to cry for very long. I'll be here waiting should you have an opportunity to come back on occasion. Thank you so much. You'll never know how special you are to so many.

Amanda said...

I have absolutely loved reading your blog, and I too will miss it so much. I'll keep an eye out for that update! You have ministered to me & inspired me to do new things. I hope you are blessed this week, and I look forward to an update in the future.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything, Anna. You've encouraged and inspired me in so many ways...
Blessings to your and your family.

Anonymous said...

Just have a moment and cannot type well about what a sweet and inspring place this has been to me. I am a mother to 5 children, ages 7 down to 1 year-old twins. I read so much of your archives after the babies' birth. Sounds weird, but it was an intense (but joyful) time and your blog deeply touched me. We also love the family life and learning that comes with our homeschooling. So many things that I have loved: the family love you touch on, the pictures Giles took of the special needs children, the winter, wet and fall nature writings, the neat trips. The gentle and relaxed, but lovely and dignified life you have shown. I am so busy with little ones and of course I wonder how you "did it"...but then I did it with *love*, beauty, laughter, healthy food, reading...all the BIG ROCKS. It's been inspiring! Thank you! I'm glad you're stepping back at the Lord's leading but I need to find more recipes first please Mama.
Mary Brooke in Atlanta

The Hobbit said...

Saddened to see you move on but,ever so grateful for the time you have given us.Thank you for all your wisdom so generously shared.

JMS said...

Anna, I am so sad for completely selfish reasons! I love to read your blog and all the happenings of your family. I love to see Bella's cooking and hear of the her musical accomplishments. I love to see Clara's sewing and hear of her music accomplishments also. Your boys are such a wonderful testament to you with their joy of the outdoors and Daisy comes across as such a character.

I wish I had not left it so long since I checked your blog so as to include some questions. Nonetheless I pray that you and your family will continue to be a blessing to each other as well as others. I look forward to your annual update and the happenings of your delightful family.

Julie in Australia

Jenny said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog Anna! I am sorry to see you go. I too, look forward to any updates.

Thank you for sharing glimpses of your life. I am glad that you will be leaving the blog up so we can peruse the archives.

If you ever write a book about your homeschooling experiences and techniques I would be more than a little bit interested in purchasing it! :)

God bless you and your beautiful family!

Martina said...

You will be awfully missed!
Thank you again for creating such a delightful, inspiring and encouraging place. Looking very much forward to your updates and sending you my best wishes, Martina

Xenia Kathryn said...

I offer no new sentiments... I, like everyone else who has commented, will miss you!

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful life with us. Like the first commenter, Christine, your blog was a big wake-up call for me and a huge help as I navigated the new road of marriage and motherhood. Your creations have inspired me in more ways than I can count!

I'll be perusing the archives when I need a "Pleasant View" pick-me-up :) Thanks again so much! May God bless you in this new blogless chapter of your life :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful closing post Anna. Thankyou for answering the questions(although I didn't ask any) but found so helpful for me especially since I homeschool and I love your simple schedules, and feel inspired how you live out your life with your family. There are many pressure out in the world and something I struggle with to just stay at home and say no.I have really enjoyed your blog and feel sad that you will be no longer blogger, but I understand and will miss you.All the best and God Bless. Angela (Australia)

SF said...

Anna, thankyou. :) I felt like you were speaking right to me in the 'Young Mothers' answer. It felt like a hug. Look forward to the updates, and take care!! xo

Mel said...

Thank you Anna for your blog, I have loved visiting it for your wonderful little vignette's of life at Pleasantview Schoolhouse! I will miss reading, and being inspired by the beauty you find in your home. Please do come back and update from time to time, I have loved hearing about your children's lives and the beautiful adults they are growing into. I also have to thank you for introducing me to Grace Livingston Hill! Sending your family God's blessing from Australia, Melissa

Cathy said...

Thank you for helping me see beauty,
for the totally practical (--using up my frozen berries in rhubarb crisp!)

And more.
Your readers have said it so well!!

Gayle said...

Thank you Anna, for your wonderful blog! It has been a source of information, encouragement and blessing. You created a very beautiful place here, and I will look forward to any updates!

God bless you and your beautiful family!


Marlaine said...

It has been an absolute pleasure to read your blog. Thank you so much for sharing!

While I will miss your ongoing blog, I am excited for you as you walk in a new direction of God's calling.

Blessings to you and yours, and I look forward to your annual update! :-)

Trina said...

Anna, your advice to young mothers was just what I needed to hear.

This has been such a loving and personal post from you - I feel like I just got a hug.

Thanks for answering our questions - it was really kind of you.

Carlie said...

What a wonderful post. Too much that was useful and inspiring to even hit in one comment. Thanks.

good_to_be_home said...

Sometimes I feel like my own personal blogging is like the song that never ends ("it just goes on and on my friend") I understand how you could come to the feeling and prompting from the Lord to stop the daily postings. I will miss your site, though, it's been a nice classy site to visit, and I think of you as a lady who shares just enough but not TOO much information, to inspire others and to record happy memories for yourself.
Thanks for sharing all that you have.
Also, I think it's so special that you were able to breastfeed your adopted daughter. What a blessing!!!!

Lindsey in AL said...


I am so very sorry to see you go, but I understand at least a few reasons for wanting to leave. Your blog has been an inspiration to me since the first day I found you and proceeded to read through your entire archive through the rest of the week.
I rank your blog up there with Edith Schaeffer books and visits with old-fashioned ladies who still know how to do things :) I am always inspired to be a better homemaker and a better friend to my family when I read your words.
You will be missed very much and I look so forward to your updates, if they still have blogs in that distant future.

Mirissa said...

This has been my favorite blog. Always something soothing and often practical. We have made many of your recipes and I've been so inspired by your sewing and simple aesthetic. You will be missed, but I'll be grateful for any updates you write!

I forgot to ask my question, but if you get a chance to answer I'd love to hear the story of how you ended up in your childhood home.

Thank you and God bless you,

Brenda said...

I will miss your blog so much!! It is one of less than a handful that I enjoy reading everyday.

If you change your mind and want to keep blogging it is OK with us!!

Thanks for all your sharing!

Manda said...

I've never commented here before, but I've been reading for a couple of years. Thank you so much for sharing beauty with us. I will miss you!

Cortney said...

I have always been a lurker but wanted to pop and in let you know I will truly miss your well written and inspiring posts AND the fabulous photography. I look forward to your updates.

Andrea said...

Well this is sad. You will be very missed. Thank you for sharing your creativity. Reading your blog did what a walk outdoors doors does for me.

Elisabeth Black said...

I. Am. Verklempt. You're so lovely.

Anonymous said...

Anna - Wanted to add my best wishes to those that you already have. Both for you and for your family. I feel, in ways, that you're part of my family.

Have enjoyed all the posts and pictures, recipes and family "doings" you've shared with us. Thank you so much.

Here's a thought! Maybe you could update us every six months rather than once a year?

God bless you all...

Unknown said...

Thank you for a beautiful blog. You've been a great inspiration to me the past few years and I will miss your posts a lot. Your moving on has given me a great deal to think about: how and where to find the same inspiration somewhere else - like cultivating it within my own home, and how to become someone who inspires other people. So while I'm sad to see you go, I know the same Lord who takes you in a different direction, is also taking me in a different direction. Many blessings to you in your journey.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us peek into your world. You have a beautiful family and it was kind of you to share them with us. May God bless you all of your days.

Anonymous said...

anna thank you so much i only read two blogs yours and a holy experience it was first and yours second both lovely; after these i thought blogs were wonderful and try many more recoiling in horror at what poeople have posted so now only two where I know it is always safe to go. Thank you so much for being a place of beauty, peace and encouragement I wont ask you to stay if God is leading you to go but please leave the posts as I've only been reading 18 months> I was going to ask you to email me if you would when I just read your going. we are looking to bring my mother here stage 4 cancer we have 2 boys at home young teens and two away at uni I know you had your grandmother at home we home school and would have district nursing assistance would you please consider emailing me as you are the only one I know who has done this everyone else is 'plonk her in a nursing home' but if you have any encouragement maybe we could do this. im just not sure. Again thank you for being such a blessing may God bless you and you family.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your beautiful blog: I have been reading you for years, appreciated your talent and your generosity. I will definitively miss you and your straightforward help. Specifically, thank you for recommending the book "Hold on to Your Kids, it has been one of the most influential ones I have read on parenting.

Amy B. said...

Thank you so much. Although I am a recent reader of your blog, I shall miss you very much.

Your posts have been so inspiring to me and when I look and read I am drawn from my leanings toward a frantic pace (even if it is only in my mind) to a place of calm and peacefulness.

Thanks again for sharing so much of your life. God bless you all as you travel this life.

Sarah said...

Oh Anna I will miss your blog. The life you have shared here has given me an ideal to strive for. You have inspired me in so many ways.

May God bless you as you move forward with Him. I will look forward to your update! Have a blessed and beautiful year.

Erin said...

I have been a long-time reader, yet I don't think I've ever commented. Thank you for your beautiful blog, I enjoyed reading it very much. You inspired me!
Canadian mama to 2

rbjaneite said...

Dear Anna

I've absolutely loved keeping up with your family happenings at Pleasant View Schoolhouse. Though I only discovered your blog about 18 months ago, I have read all the archives and have been blessed and inspired seeing the way you have made a beautiful and peaceful home for your family, and how you are raising your children to love beauty and its Creator. I will miss the posts and photos, but am glad you explained why you are stopping, as I can appreciate that.

Thank you.

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Thank You, Anna. You will be missed! May we meet in heaven one day! So, you will truly be able to see the heart of all of us who you have inspired!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much for your blog. I've loved reading and learning from your wise words ( I even started quilting!)

It has been such an encouragement to me to find another mother you has sacrificed her "career" but found something so rewarding in the home, it has given me great hope in the tough times ( my three are small) You will be missed but not forgotten.

God Bless you and your family
Claire (UK)

DeliveringGrace said...

Thank you for your blog-I've really enjoyed a little bit of beauty and serenity everyday. It has made me see more of the beauty of creation around me.
We love the coffee cake recipe-my print out is well used-and we enjoyed the apple and blackberry version.
Encouraging to read about home schooling too, from someone with so much experience.
Sarah-in the UK

Autumn said...

I will be waiting on the edge of my seat for your annual updates, I will miss you and your family! Goodbye, and I hope you come back someday! :)


Carla said...

Anna, your blog has been my favorite for the past year or two and I will be missing your posts. I've enjoyed the beautiful photography and your inspiring posts and have been encouraged in my own photography and homekeeping as a result of reading your blog. Thank you for your faithfulness all these years to post regularly and to keeping your blog so positive and family centered. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. You have been a blessing to so many. I am in the process of launching my own blog and yours would have been my first link - and I plan for it to still be as the archives will be there for new readers to enjoy!

Sarah said...

Anna, I think I've read every single post of yours, having found your blog a few years ago. Thank you for consistently sharing the beauty of being home with family, and for all the beautiful photos. It has been very inspiring, and I will miss your blog!

Mary Beth said...

Oh my gosh, I have missed the last week or so and I am so sorry to see you are giving up your blog! I have not commented before but am a frequent reader and you have inspired me so much! I am guessing I am much too late with this question, but if you ever have the time... I remember your saying that you realized one of your children had finished his homeschooling. How did you know? Do you have a sort of total picture of what needs to be covered? I am just wondering because you seem to have such lovely, accomplished children. I am hoping to begin homeschooling soon, but it looks so murky from here. So if you have time to elaborate I would appreciate it. Truly thanks for what you have given us here and best wishes for the future!

Anonymous said...

You will be missed. I echo the sentiments of so many of your readers. Thank you for sharing.


Melissa, Churubusco, IN said...

Your blog was the VERY FIRST that I started reading ... the thrift store skirt turned awesome apron. :)
I too homeschool my girls and believe in the saving grace of our Heavenly Father!
I have been so encouraged by your words, dear Anna. Thank you.

The B's said...

We are going to miss you all so much! Thank you for your daily encouragement, inspiration and beauty. Praying for your many blessings and a bright future!

The Brownings

Shannon said...

I've so enjoyed your blog over the last few years, and I'm so sad to see you go, but wish you all the best in your future endeavors. His ways are not our ways...

Paul and Kameron Morton said...

I've been behind and just caught up with my reader and have heard the sad/exciting news that God is moving you on. I too have been an admirer of your blog- the creativity it inspired, the confidence in God, the sheer peace I felt by looking at your lovely photographs (and being convinced that even if in my house, with my small kiddos, it is a zoo, there still are quiet places in the world). YOU gave me confidence to learn how to sew, and I don't even know you.
May God speak to you and direct you and most of all bless you for all you've given that you are unaware of. Thank you for being willing to be used by Him.

Shana said...

Thanks so much for the q and a. I follow your blog and always enjoy the brevity, yet quality of your posts. With three young children at home, I don't have much time to read long blogs- but yours is a breath of fresh air. Thank you :)


Anonymous said...

I have always been inspired by my visits here. Thanks so much for all you have shared! I'll be watching for your updates!

rebecca m

Sally said...

I'm going to miss you, Anna.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all these answers...yet another peek into your life & how you manage to accomplish so much...& YES, I am one more person who will miss your blog.

I wish you God's many blessings,

Jen said...

I too don't much formal schooling with my boys until they are about 8 years old. With 4 boys 3 years apart it just works well that way. Thank you for sharing your advice to mums with very little ones. I will take to heart your advice to do something creative and beautifying each day. I have also loved Lady Lydia's posts.

Please update when you can. You will be a constant inspiration even without posting.

Jen in Oz

Rebecca said...

I'm going through the archives now and I must just say, "Please, please, please write a book!".

How about a beautiful, sensible, inspiring alternative to that silly Desperate Housewives spin-off you reviewed back in the beginning days of your blog? You would be just the woman to write the book.

Kara Dekker said...

Your blog has been a favourite for some time now, and will be missed. Thank you so much for all the crafting inspiration, and lovely photos. Blessings on this next season of your life!

Kara D.

Anonymous said...

Anna, I will miss your blog very much. You seem like such a peaceful, joyful person, as does your entire family. As a former attorney
("recovering attorney", as I call it!)I felt a kinship with you. May God continue to bless you abundantly. I feel blessed by you!

Mary Ocampo said...

Dear Anna,

I stumbled on this blog about two years ago when I was link-hopping through easy cooking recipes—I am a college student, and I was, at the time, just realizing that four years of cafeteria food was simply not going to work for me, and I was going to have to learn to cook healthy, quick food for myself.

I stuck around because your blog was so delightful—you somehow achieved the perfect balance of anecdotes, quotes, and sewing/cooking/homing projects, all accompanied by lovely photographs. Over the last two years, I’ve enjoyed gaining inspiration from all of your projects, but I’ve particularly loved reading about your wonderful family, whose upbringing has been so wildly different from my own chaotic Manhattan childhood (in which home-cooked meals were frequently replaced with Chinese food, and school was a grueling, high-achieving affair that generally kept me away from home from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM or later). Your writing has been a lovely and eye-opening complement to a period of my life in which I was already starting to discard some of the more narrow-minded beliefs you collect when you’re too young to question them—home-schooling is weird, Southerners are crazy, and Evangelical Christians are crazier.

As a student of photography myself, I’ve particularly enjoyed hearing about Giles’s work. While he’s here this summer, he should check out the International Center of Photography—it’s a wonderful school and a terrific little community that has always been a huge source of support for me. (Their darkroom fees are a little exorbitant, though—I used to get free darkroom hours by interning there.)

I was sad to read that you won’t be writing anymore, but I’m glad you’ll be leaving everything intact so that I can continue to reference your recipes. I’ve never commented before because I’m not really part of the blogging community, but I couldn’t resist poking my head in to say a quick goodbye and thanks. I wish you all the best with whatever comes next!


MolleenCarie said...

God bless you, Anna. I've enjoyed your blog over the years.

Jana said...

It sounds like a lovely life!

Carolyn said...

Every day since you last posted I've checked your site just in case you changed your mind. Sigh. Please know that you will sorely be missed and we're eagerly waiting for an update!
Made your german chocolate cake last night...It was luscious :)

Julie said...

Dear Anna,
I have visited your delightful blog almost daily for the past two years, but have never commented. I always meant to send you an e-mail because I thought my comments would be too long.

Today I comment anyway because I wanted to let you know that because of you, I have read and throughly enjoyed several Grace Livingston Hill books; have a sweet collection of thrifted large & small milkglass bud vases perfect to share flowers with a neighbor; 3 lovely linen aprons & 2 linen smocks made from thrifted sleeveless linen dresses; and a growing collection of fabric squares to make a scrappy quilt the Anna way.

Like the others, I have both enjoyed and been encouraged by your gentle, but strong way of life. You shared a neat assortment of recipes, beautiful photos, decorating ideas and of course, the lovely dresses. I think your green one is my favorite. I'm old enough to remember a home-centered way of life and when women wore those dresses and looked like women and it was nice. I'm praying for the home and family to again be strong in our country.

Thank you for sharing your home and family with us these past four years I will miss visiting you. I do know that there's no better place in all the world to be than in the center of God's will.

See you next year.

TheFiveDays said...

You will be missed, Anna. I have enjoyed your blog for years. Best wishes to you and your very special family!

Trudy said...

I will miss the inspiration I received here. You must write a book :)

Beth said...

Yes Mam! I hear you! OOH thank you for the wisdom, im a young mom of littles and i needed to hear that so bad! Thank you!

YayaOrchid said...

Anna, your blog has always felt like an oasis and has been a great blessing to me. I pray you reconsider and continue to minister to your readers. Whatever direction the Lord moves you, I know he has great things in store for you and your family!

Cleanhousewithkids said...

I loved this post. Thanks for all your writing and pictures!

Kelly said...

Anna - I have come to your blog, sometimes regularly, sometimes not, for a slice of calm and gentleness. Thanks for all you have shared. I must say I have found your family's approach to life, and your approach to motherhood, quite inspiring. You will be missed.

Linda said...

I'm going to miss the awesome photos, inspiration and household tips and recipes! God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Anna, i checked in after an absence to see your sign-off. I was aghast! I will miss the beauty and the feast for the eye and mind that your blog always is. I will also miss the kinship of seeing your older kids blossom, as my multi-racial crew is younger but just seeing your sweet family gives me peace and encouragement. And also great incredulity that you get so much stinking stuff done!!! seriously lady, sleep already!!! No really, you have inspired me more than once to get up and just sew, or thrift, or pick daisies. God bless!! Kat M
ps i will wish with all my heart that our paths cross someday. As another mother in a small, southern town, who is homeschooling and sewing my way through life, i would love to share a spot of tea. cheers!

Anonymous said...

sorry time has passed and you are moving on.

Love your blog. You set a great standard your mark in blog world!

Erin said...


I'm so sorry to hear you are ending your blog! I've looked forward to the creative ideas that you've shared and am sad to see you go. These last two years of reading your blog have been inspiring for me. Thank you. I will be doing so much re-reading now!


Allison said...

That little bit of sunshine you provided most mornings is greatly missed. I didn't realize how dependent I'd become!

Blair said...

Just realized that I hadn't read your blog in a long while and must have skimmed the last few posts, not realizing that you'd "closed shop." Thank you for sharing your beautiful blog and beautiful family. It's been an inspiration to me.

Jen said...

I miss your posts. I hope you and your family are well. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I so love this blog. I have been reading from the beginning. I miss it so. I still come through daily to enjoy the little glimpses of your family life. Simple but full of creativity, love and thoughtful attention to details. Thanks so much for sharing. You have taught me much.

PS - I secretly hope you are writing a book!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anna,

I really did need your blog this morning !


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