Monday, April 04, 2011

After I Embellished It

My violet jersey dress is so cosy, I'm glad we had one more chilly day so I could wear it after I did some embellishing. I love that these Alabama Chanin clothes aren't necessarily finished, if one day you get the urge to add some fancy.

So I cut out some leaf-shaped appliques from a tee shirt that Giles brought home from school and hand-stitched them on the front panel. Then scattered a few seed beads around.

Next time I'm abandoning the buttonhole stitch in favor of a straight quilting stitch. It will be so much faster, and I can turn on a dime instead of trying to make up something legitimate to get around corners.


Mrs. Kelley Dibble said...

I too am into handwork embellishments. It's relaxing, calming. Fresh. Love your work!

Lisa said...

Wow - nice work.


Rebecca said...

Love the purple and gray.

I recently used a book's instructions to learn a tailor's buttonhole stitch. It wasn't particularly hard but I had the dickens of a time (read: it never happened) getting the stitches even.

The Mayo Family said...

I have been stopping by for a while now...
Been wanting to tell you I so enjoy your blog!
I have some questions on your pieced posted you cut 3" squares; care to do a post on your method?
Like I just pick a square & keep adding & sew how many in a row before joining?
I love to quilt & have made a random square, I am from the "must be a "pattern" quilting world"!
These are fun, freeing and beautiful & so back to years passed.
Would you, could you, think you can?
If so thanks~
have a wonderful day.

Anna said...

Lori, I've written several posts that are general how-to-scrap-quilt in nature. Here's one:
and if you browse through the "Quilting" category you'll find more. Have fun!

Shelley in SC said...

I love, love, love details!! Those little beads just make it!

The Mayo Family said...

Hello Anna,
Thank you-thank you!
I came home a bit ago & found you'd answered & oh I have enjoyed reading! :)
Thing is, I had been there did not look back far enough.(posts I mean)
So, thanks for the answer & wonderful quilting tips....
as I am finding my children growing up & the Lord has taught me I must take a look at life in a 'calmer-stressed reduced way'(you know the eternal things that matter)...I should enjoy quilting as much as I used to and there fore my girls will as well!
It does not have to be all "perfect"!
Again, I am blessed~

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