Monday, May 23, 2011

Alabama Studio Style: Circle-Spiral Applique Dress

Clara reads to the girls in her supremely comfortable, eminently wearable new Alabama Chanin dress. All stitched by hand from the pattern in Alabama Studio Style, with a few changes. I added short sleeves, raised the neckline, added an inch in length to the bodice, and two inches to the skirt. She says it is the most comfortable dress she's ever had.


Kristi McInerney said...

It is so pretty, I love the design and that shade of blue! Gorgeous!

Kate at Wonderful Life Farm said...

Fun! And ohhhh so comfortable looking! What is Clara reading?

Lisa said...

Looks great!


Lisa Beth W. said...

Now, that is a dress that I am tempted to covet! It looks so comfy! That goes so well with curling up and reading to your sisters. :) And I love the design and the color.

Kimbie said...

Can I even tell you, I stumbled upon your blog over a year ago.

My life is very different. I am single, about to turn 30, a business owner- but I dream of having a life such as yours.

Yours is truly blessed. And whenever I need to escape my crazy life, I come to read your blog and find such comfort in all of your goodness.

Thank you so much for allowing the world to be inspired but such an amazing way of living.

God bless you.


Carol said...

Clara's dress is a work of art. (in MD)

Leah H said...

oh wow, I love that dress!!!

Polly said...

Beautiful! I love the design, and can almost feel the comfort. Seems like a great dress for curling up with a book!

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