Saturday, July 30, 2011

Daisy's Crepe Myrtle Bouquet

Daisy picked these and decided that crepe myrtle is her current favorite flower.

We're off to hear Bella sing and bring her home from camp. This place has been too quiet!


Lisa said...

That is very pretty. And how familiar is that hobnail vase - I think we must have had one, and maybe still do.


Sunny Simple Life said...

Fellow homeschooler here. I have two in college a 13 yr old and a three yr old. Talk about a spread. Lovely blog. Have enjoyed my visit.

Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh and love Crepe Myrtle!

Kathi said...

This is a pretty bouquet. Did you say she pickled the Crepe Myrtle? What is it like? Is it similar to pickled asparagus or pickled beans? I pickle those. I love the vase too. Kathi

Davene Grace said...

Crepe myrtle is my current favorite flower, too! Probably because I don't have anything else blooming right now... :)

I like the contrast of the magenta blossoms with the white vase - very pretty!

Anna said...

Davene, I agree that crepe myrtle's chiefest charm is its ability to bloom when everything else has given up in the heat!

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