Monday, July 25, 2011

Vintage Millinery Inspiration

"She set to work with pins and scissors, standing before the long mirror and draping the velvet about her head, and presently had evolved a charming little hat so like a distintive imported one she had seen in a shop window that one could scarcely have told them apart. Set on her golden hair, the bright little pin glittering perkily over the right eye, the effect was most becoming."

--Grace Livingston Hill, White Orchids


faerieeva said...

Now you have made me look up Grace Livingston Hill. I never head of her. Is she comparable to say.. Frances Hodgson Burnett?

Kate at Wonderful Life Farm said...

Great quote! I once got to make a few hats for a production of "The Music Man". TOO fun!

Martha A. said...

i wish i could fashion hats like that! I love that quote, it is one that I have always remembered.
Grace Livingston Hill is more of a very moral, clean Christian romance writer from the early 1900's

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