Friday, September 23, 2011

Silver and White Vignette

I'm liking these colors this week. The thrift store had a $3 per bag sale and I got the "silver" casserole-holder. A tarnishy silver tray sits on it easily to hold my pile of books, and the little white birds are perennially in and out of my cupboard on display.

Today was full of cleaning and scrubbing--those days deserve a little something pretty at the end, I think.


Seeing Each Day said...

Always a delight to view your thrift store purchases. They must love when you walk through the door. Thanks for your beautiful photos. Good luck for this busy period with the upcoming wedding.

Lisa said...

That is beautiful, Anna. But, $3 a bag? Gosh sakes, that's unheard of here!

Julian said...

I love thoes colors together! Yes,I must agree, you have a talent for putting your purchaces together in a delightful way,always interesting to see what you will do next. Thankyou for sharing. Still reading G.L.H. Book love!Happy weekending,

Sheila said...

I like the tarnished look. :)

Kate said...

Beautiful! I have an old tarnished silver platter that I love to use in my seasonal displays. I think the tarnish gives it such character!


Kate said...

I love the branches combined with the white porcelain. Good luck with the wedding preparations, I am sure it will be beautiful!

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