Monday, October 17, 2011

A Landmark Dinner

75 is a big birthday, and we celebrated with the Composer's father this weekend. Five years ago we went this route, but on this occasion we were much smaller--just three very special surprise guests (including Giles, and that surprise was also on me!), and a lovely Southern dinner.

• Yellow squash puff pastries

• Romaine and red leaf lettuce with blackberries and candied black walnuts
• Beef tenderloin (oh my, my first ever and it was GOOD)
• Turnip greens, mustard greens, and collard greens
• Scalloped potatoes
• Buttermilk biscuits

• Deep-dish apple pie
• Homemade vanilla ice cream

So I totally didn't know that Giles was coming home on Friday night for Grandpa's birthday, but the sneaky girls did and they had insisted on making the pie themselves so they could keep it dairy-free. I'll never trust them again!

Maybe I say this every year at this time, but wow, what a privilege to be able to honor such a wonderful man. May there be many happy returns.


Flepandco said...

O my - that sounds like a night to remember. I'm so glad Giles turned up - and a surprise to boot - makes it all the more pleasant I feel.

Rose said...

Google tells me that beef tenderloin is eye fillet, did you grill/broil this Anna?

Please pass on my best wishes to the Composer's Dad, I remember back-reading about the big celebration when he was 70, my best for his 75th.

Anna said...

Rose, I roasted it in the oven, with a heavenly seasoning rub on it. I got my recipe from the Mitford cookbook. And bought a meat thermometer to protect my investment!

Margo said...

how delightful!

I've never done beef tenderloin either - I read your details with interest.

And now I'm also curious how you do your greens. I cook greens various ways. . . I'd love to hear your take. Got a big bunch of collards for 2 bucks at market this morning.

Lisa said...

You're a brave soul to make something you haven't made before - for a special occasion! Sounds good.


Linda said...

Hi Anne,
What a lovely all-American meal! But what are yellow squash puff pastries and can you quickly say you how make them. They sound totally delectable. Thanks.

Anna said...

I rolled out and pre-baked puff pastry, then put grated gruyere and sliced yellow squash on it. Brushed with olive oil, and added salt and pepper, and baked for 15 minutes more at 350.

Mrs. H. said...

This makes me realize that I've been an avid reader of your blog for over five years! The lovely inspiration that I find here each time I visit is just unsurpassed. You will always be the "blog of all blogs" to me. Thank you for what you do, for sharing your vision, your talents, and your family with us. Bless you! :-)

Denise said...


Would you care to share your dairy-free apple pie recipe? I'm always on the look out for any and all dairy-free recipes and I'd truly appreciate it.


Anna said...

Denise, we just use the Betty Crocker recipe, substituting dairy-free margarine for the butter. Pie is an easy thing to make dairy-free. Much easier than cheesecake, for instance!

Martha A. said...

Okay, I have been searching for a buffet cabinet like the one in the background of your picture and I can't find one. Did you buy one and refinish it or did you find that at a furniture store?

Anna said...

It's a very old and primitive oak hutch that I painted when I painted the living room last year.

Denise said...

Thanks for the tip, Anna!

DeliveringGrace said...

Sounds like a great occasion.
I've been reading your blog for several years and have just nominated it for the HSBA photograph category.

Heather said...

Your family appears to have a gift for making any occasion special. Visions of a new heaven and new earth are what come to mind when I come here and read about your family. May the Lord bless you for your faithfulness to Him as you serve one another.

Linda said...

Thanks for the squash puffs recipe. I am going to try it for a spring dinner party.

Emily said...

No pictures of the food? I'm so disappointed; I live vicariously through those, haha! Love reading your blog! Happy birthday to your father-in-law!

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