Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Winter Pantry

It's not winter yet, but the pantry's ready for the cold half of the year with some extra things on hand for power outages, frozen roads, sickness, or general wintry needs:

• boxes of chicken broth
• ginger ale
• light-colored fruit juices--apple and white grape
• matches and candles
• over-the-counter fever and tummy medicines
• jugs of water
• enough canned things to last a few days
• cocoa mix (in the please-no hypothetical of no fresh milk for Daisy's first-thing-in-the-morning cup)

That list should cover every worst case scenario, and hopefully, I won't need to use any of these this winter. But it feels so much better, just in case.


Lisa said...

It is winter, Anna - it IS winter!! Well, speaking for myself, of course.

Good work. Lisateresa

Anonymous said...

So helpful Anna. I love reading your blog. yes, I am interested in the "boy" baby blanket with teals. Mary Brooke

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

My daughter texted me on their way home from a Christian family conference yesterday.

There was a foot of snow already and much more on the way. I was very relieved when she let me know they had made it home (but the power went off soon after).

I also have a cold and flu pantry! Something one learns to do through the years? :)

kath said...

Very smart idea. We just had 17" of snow in NY between yesterday and last night. We have no power and cell phone service is spotty. So glad we have a generator. It was a wonderful investment. Now we need to replenish all of our supplies!
We have also found that those cheap little solar lights that you can buy for a couple of dollars at WalMart or Target are great to have for overnight power outages when we don't want to leave candles burning so we can find our way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Not as romantic as candles, but much safer!

Kate said...

Add a variety of herbal teas and I would say the list is complete.

seashoreknits said...

Wonderful list!
Let me add to mine:
extra tissues for sniffles
Soothing cough and throat drops
Vapo-rub for easing congestion
We rarely get sick, but past experience has proven these are some necessities for us.

Unknown said...

That's a good list you got there for your Winter pantry. Reminds me how I need to stock mine soon.:)

Sarah said...

You're missing dark chocolate! A shortage would be a true emergency.

Shani said...

I had to chuckle out loud while reading this. I saw this post abbreviated on my blogger dashboard, and it cut it off at "gin." I wholeheartedly agree. lol

Have a lovely day.

Jenn said...

Good thinking! Our power goes out several times through the winter due to ice storms, but rarely for more than 1 day. Still, I like to keep things on hand just in case. One thing I add to the list you mentioned is powdered milk. No one here wants to drink it, but I can stir it into things and it comes in handy. Oh! And a can opener that isn't powered by electricity. Made that mistake once. :D

Anonymous said...

What do you guys do for Halloween?

Farrah said...

I'm not sure if my previous comment went through over the weekend as I did it on my phone. Anyhoo, I really enjoyed reading your list. I also would add dark chocolate (Ghirardelli bittersweet for the Mr. and I). Thank you for sharing! I didn't think of the tummy medicine, good reminder. I hope you have a very safe and sick free winter.

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