Saturday, November 05, 2011

Love You More: The Divine Surprise of Adopting My Daughter

I adored Jennifer Grant's delightful memoir about her family's journey through the adoption process. Fascinating that others have experienced a call so similar to my own--that word from God that the next baby will come through adoption. That divine tap on the shoulder that suggests when, and eventually where, and then, at last, places that child in your arms.

Jennifer is a fluent and entertaining writer--I loved her stories, small digressions (always worth the little rabbit trail), and the glimpses into an intelligent, humorous, and compassionate family culture.

As she notes, all happy families are *not* the same (sorry, Tolstoy), and meeting her family made me richer, for sure.

Find it here.


Davene Grace said...

It sounds fascinating! With so much adoption in my family (two of my siblings, one of my nieces, and three of my nephews are adopted), I'm always interested in reading more about other people's experiences with it.

But, Anna, what's a woman to do when she feels that "tap on the shoulder" but her husband doesn't?

Amy said...

Thank you for posting this, Anna. It is timely for me! This Thursday we have our home inspection meeting to complete our adoption home study. I am reading I'm Vanilla, You're Chocolate right now, but this will be next in line!

I enjoyed your description of the tap on the shoulder from God. Our calling to adoption was different, God used circumstances in our lives and a journey to understand those circumstances to bring my husband and I to a place of pursuing adoption.

As always, your blog blesses! Happy Sunday :)

Kathaleeny said...

How old was Bella when she came to you? Have you ever posted baby pictures of your older children? I thank God every day (for 23 years) that he let me have a baby. I was 40 and it was a surprise.

Anonymous said...

My comment is more to do with the title of the book rather than the contents. My daughter & I often have the same tit for tat with "I love you", "I love you more", "I love you most" but I always win with "I loved you first!" :)

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