Friday, November 11, 2011

Running, Resting, and Cleaning

Friday has always been my rest day from running. Monday through Thursday I run or work out at the gym, Saturday is the long run. Friday is the day off that enables me to crank out the seven or eight miles on Saturday morning.

This fall I discovered that rest day is perfect for cleaning. I get up, and I automatically feel ready to expend a great deal of energy right at 7:30, in stretchy clothes. This translates into a perfect time to do all my major housecleaning tasks. So I put on a running shirt and grubby pants and get to it. I always run before breakfast, so I usually do the worst cleaning before breakfast, too--all the bathrooms scrubbed. Then I keep on going, and if I focus I have the whole house done by 11:00 (with a break for Daisy's school and concurrent crochet, of course). Then take a bath. And have a cup of cocoa.

So glad to have discovered this reservoir of physical energy! This works great for me this year.


Katie said...

This is quite inspiring, Anna!

May I ask if/how you ran when your children were younger?? =)

Keli said...


How many miles do you run during the week? Do you run on Sundays? How many times do you go to the gym? Sorry so many questions, lol. I am trying to get my schedule down and can't seem to find a good balance. Thanks!

Anna said...

Katie, when the kids were little I went for a walk every day, just started running in 2007, I think.

Keli--easy 5 on Monday, upper body at the gym on Tuesday, speed workout at the trail (or hills) on Wednesday, lower body at the gym on Thursday, rest day Friday, long run (7-9 unless I'm gearing up for a half marathon) on Saturday, rest day on Sunday.

Keli said...

Just what I wanted! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Anna I also run before breakfast. A cup of green tea and off I go. But no way could I tackle housework on an empty stomach - hats off to you!!

Cleanhousewithkids said...

Cool, random post. Thanks!

Rose said...

It's interesting to hear how you are managing this Anna, thank you. I am in the throes of changing my cleaning schedule and will benefit from this idea.

The Vosslers said...

Sounds great! I'm having to figure something else out. I used to go most mornings before breakfast, but our family schedule pretty much won't allow anything right now ... trying to figure out how to change that.

Anonymous said...

...I'm just happy to see that you own a pair of 'grubby pants' and don't do housework in one of your beautiful dresses.

I'm going to run. And run. And run. ...when I have only older children, and no babies. Walking happens, pulling the little red wagon, of course.

Love, kathi

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