Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Soft and Thriftie Baby Blankie

Two skeins of soft teal alpaca were a gift, the crisp dark cotton was a gift from the thrift store. It's the oddest yarn--not spun from fibers apparently, but formed like rope! It crochets up with a firm, crisp, smooth texture, delicious with the fluffy deep alpaca as its neighbor.

(Maria, this one's for you and your nephew!)


SisterlyLove said...



Kate said...

The blanket looks nice , warm and comfortable.
Check this -
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Unknown said...


Would you mind sharing what pattern/book you used for your ripples?
Looks comfy and baby ready...


Anna said...

Paula, here is the pattern/tutorial I used to learn to ripple. It's very easy once you get going!


Jen said...

I LOVE the colours!

Ruth said...

Such a beautiful,rich color!Would you mind sharing what pattern you used to make Clara's cranberry dress that you posted about on October 11,please?I would be most grateful.

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