Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tangerines in Milk Glass

Milk glass and dresser scarf from the thrift store, fruit from the grocery store.


Susie at ProsperityStuff said...

I love your blog. The photography. The simplicity. The beauty. Thanks for sharing!

Miss Mary said...

Oh MY!! Those look amazing. I love the combination of a strong color on white - and this picture is striking.

Davene Grace said...

I haven't found tangerines yet this season, but I am craving them! Your arrangement of them looks so pretty!

Julian said...

I agree,the simplicity,and colors speak more than a million trinkets. Just beautiful. Christina

Anonymous said...

Anna this is one of the lovely things about your blog, the simplicity and restraint, especially in a culture of excess. Also the way you continue to show the beauty which is there in our everyday environment in such small and undramatic but significant ways. I'm one of those who was blessed with God's gift of noticing beauty in small things and unexpected places. Really, he has given us all this gift but we are not all aware that we posess it. I think your blog has probably done a lot to fix that! Thank you.

Farrah said...

Beautiful milk glass! I used some crystal pie plates and did the same with my husband's grapefruit and granny smith apples and pinecones.

P.S. I totally agree with anonymous post.

Anonymous said...

To Farrah who agreed with my post and to you Anna,I'm 'Anonymous'. My name is Angela! I just wanted to share this with you both and of course all followers of this site.

It's a poem entitled 'A Prayer' which hangs on the wall of my home. My mother found it framed and illustrated by the author in a little antique shop long before her marriage and it always hung by her bed. It was written in 1936 by an Irish lady called Hester Cooke whose father was a Church of Ireland (Anglican) clergyman and who wrote many similar poems. I always loved it.

A Prayer

Teach me Oh Lord in spring to see
The beauty of a hawthorn tree

And tune my heart when days are long
To listen for the blackbird's song

Let me not miss the golden sheen
Of buttercups on meadows green

May the sweet smell of seasoned wood
From cottage fires to me seem good

Give me delight in simple joys
Craving not life's cheap tinselled toys

And for the gifts thou dost impart
Give me dear God a thankful heart

For me it seems to sum up the spirit of Anna's blog.

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