Friday, December 23, 2011

A Vintage Fur Collar

"Remember that furs are a state of mind, a symbol of affection and a mirror of luxury and femininity. I doubt if even diamonds can compare with the mood furs create . . . "

--Anne Fogarty, Wife-Dressing: The Fine Art of Being a Well-Dressed Wife

Not to mention, diamonds are awfully thin on the ground at the thrift store.


Shelley said...

I remember my Mom's lovely seal coat from the 1940s. She said fur was the only thing that kept her warm enough when she moved from Oklahoma up to Minnesota. Fur is very 'political' here in Britain. Not sure I'd deem it safe to wear out in the streets. There are some very reasonable vintage fur coats on offer near me and I've been thinking about whether to make a fur throw for winter nights. Not sure I'd have the nerve to cut one up!

Laura {{* *}} said...

My early 1960's memories recall
pretty church ladies in fur collars.
Definitely, a winter accessory
for the well-dressed woman
with all her feminine wits about her.

I still have my mother's fur collar with
brown satin lining.
Now I may just be vintage-minded enough
to wear it.

{{* *}}

Lisa said...

Yeah, be careful where you wear that thing.
My mother used to have a fox fur collar which had been given to her. It wasn't just the fur - you could see the little noses; it was one little fox head after another. I liked it at the time.


Margo said...

are you wearing it on a dress or coat?

I love your observation about diamonds at a thrift store!

Anna said...

Margo, it's just popped over a cotton dress. So cozy! Shelley, I'm jealous you can find fur so easily! I have a yen to make a fur tote, so I'm on the lookout for something to cut up.

Anonymous said...

I love the fur collar. Last August there was a vintage Christmas Red wool coat with a fur collar at the thrift store. I tried it on and it fit like a dream. Of course, it came home with me for $7. I have ejoyed wearing it to church since then. Fur has been catching my eye. A fun idea to use the fur on a dress.
Amy F.

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