Friday, June 01, 2012

Garden & Gun

Never did I think I would read, much less subscribe to, a magazine with the word "gun" in the title. Yet Garden & Gun has been a favorite here for the last few years.

Gorgeous photos, great Southern food, travel stories that make me want to get in the car, maybe a few too many dog articles (but then I'm a cat person), and just all-around Southern gorgeousness.

(Fried pie image lifted from G & G).


Unknown said...

Me, oh my! The things you live without all your life! I just took a quick look...extrodinary whiskers, Earl Scruggs, and giant lily pads - it looks like a great mix of stories ; ) Wouldn't that be a conversation starter sitting on the coffee table in my New England home!

Anonymous said...

Oh you could NEVER have too many dog pictures. ;o)

But I *really* like cats too.

maven said...

We love Garden and Gun, as well!

If you haven't already, you should try skeet shooting - it is tons-O-fun!

Farrah said...

That, my friend, is a great magazine. The June issue is currently in my swim bag. I love it!

debbie bailey said...

The first time I saw that magazine in Barnes and Noble, I did a double take. It seemed very incongruous. But it's actually a great magazine. I'm glad you share my opinion.

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