Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Leftover Flowers

This may be the best part of hosting an event--enjoying the flowers afterwards.


Kate at Wonderful Life Farm said...

I agree! I'm also fond of leftover veggies in a vegetable platter...make a great stir-fry!

Farrah said...

You need to come here and organize my house! Look at your perfectly lined up cabinet. So jealous!

Anonymous said...

Those a gorgeous... makes me miss fresh flowers!

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Oh.. such a wonderful left over treat. Just beautiful

Holly said...

Dear Anna,

You do indeed seem to have it all, and for a long time I know you continued to work at your law career. I think you fall into the superwoman category of women the author talks about who actually made it all work (balancing work and family, I mean).

I'm struggling with it...well, not really, because my heart is at home and my career is definitely not my focus anymore. I'm thankful that we're fortunate enough so that we don't have to rely on my career anyway. I guess I was thinking about women who don't have that luxury...but for whom the angst is even more true because they can't rule their own time. As the author says - when it comes to making a choice between career and children...there really *is no choice* - "career" will always lose.

Anyway, a great article and thought you'd enjoy it - perhaps even want to discuss it with your daughters.




~ Martha said...

I enjoy your beautiful blog so much! Blessings.

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