Friday, August 17, 2012

A Milk Chocolate Dress for Clara: Advance 6118

We couldn't resist the perfect milk chocolate gloss of this special cocoa-colored cotton at Gail K fabrics in Atlanta. Clara decided on a second version of Advance 6118, which is easy to make and has a very full skirt for cello.

I had been warned about the attitude at Gail K, and when I called them to ask if they had any all-cotton jersey I was summarily informed that there was no such thing, that all jersey had some spandex in it. Hm. So I didn't buy any jersey there, but we did find some other nice things on our way to the beach in June.


Rose said...

Clara is looking well outfitted for uni! I would love to be able to wear that colour.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your posts all summer long! Pretty much lurking. I hope you know that many of us thoroughly enjoy your blog. You inspire me in so many ways. Thank you!

BTW, I hate attitudes. I would have also avoided that shop.


M. Ricci

Jodes said...

What a versatile pattern, it looks lovely in all the variations you have made. love that colour, it's just divine. Who can resist chocolate after all? :)

Lisa said...

That dress looks terrific!
How strange they would think all jersey has some spandex - very odd.


Farrah said...

For starters, you should have let me know you were coming and I would have met you there! :)

In Buckhead, Midtown, and Downtown, the attitudes are not particularly Southern gentility. There is a reason we are considered The Empire State of the South.

Tina said...

Where do you find all the vintage patterns?

Anna said...

Most of my online pattern shopping (I try not to!) is from

Ebay is always a good source too.

Miss Suzy, I wish we would have had time! As it was my family was waiting "patiently" for me to finish fabric shopping so they could finish going to the beach.

Kimmie said...

love it! actually I'd love one for me. simple, yet beautiful. !

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Farrah said...

I understand. The beach beckons and must be answered!

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