Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Alabama Studio Style: A Pale Green Ensemble for Bella

This is the other half of my pale green jersey yardage--a six-gored dress and a bolero for Bella. She likes the gored dress from Alabama Studio Style better than the straighter cut of the Studio + Design, so that's what I make now. It's good to get that straightened out! The matching bolero takes just a scrap--half a yard? less?--of fabric.

The fun comes with the embellishing. I finished all these seams by hand with a running stitch topped with a seed bead--you can just see a peek under the bolero. I also used groups of two or three seed beads to finish the dress neckline.

The bolero finishing strips are sewn on with brighter bugle beads. This is a wonderful, comfortable outfit that can go to class or go to a wedding.


Kellie said...

These Alabama Studio style knits are so beautiful! I'm planning to dive in to working with knits for the first time, and would love to know where you get most of your jersey knits.

Your blog is such a haven of loveliness and inspiration! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This is cute! Nice color on Bella, too. And aren't beads fun to work with?


Julian said...

Pretty young lady.

Shelley said...

Love the beads!

Carolyn said...

After reading this post I just begged my hubby to order the book. He surprised me by purchasing it at a store instead! I'm so thrilled to get started, but I remember reading where you said all the necklines were too low cut. How much did you alter them? Also, do you sew the entire dress by hand or just the decorative edges? Thank you, I adore your blog and also live in Alabama.

Anna said...

Carolyn, I've raised the neckline about 3/4 of an inch. Sometimes that seems like enough, sometimes not, depending on how the individual knit behaves. Be sure to pull the center line *in* as you raise it, in a curve toward the shoulder, or you'll be plagued with gapping.

Sometimes I machine-sew and sometimes I hand-sew the functional hems--it depends on whether I'm in a hurry or am more wanting to enjoy the process.

Have fun!

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