Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Turnips in My Winter Garden

Now I'm pinning my hopes on a *winter* garden, and so far so good. The turnip patch is a wonderland, even if the Swiss chard seeds never do sprout.

And on an unrelated note: I've put a dress in my etsy shop--and 100% of any etsy proceeds for the next two weeks will go to disaster relief in New Jersey.


Polly said...

A beautiful dress!!

I am assuming Giles weathered the weather okay. I've got friends in Brooklyn and Manhattan and was quite concerned for them, but they are all fine. you're raising money for a good cause!

Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely to have such a garden.

Rebecca said...

My fall greens have been orders-of-magnitude nicer than my spring greens. No slugs! No root maggots! No sulky bolting in the heat! We are harvesting great baskets of spinach and lettuce like we're magazine gardeners or something. Next spring I'm planning just a token row or two of cool weather crops and then we'll haul out all the stops towards the end of August. (We're in southern PA.)

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