Thursday, January 03, 2013

Our City Driver

Clara visited Giles this fall and on Sunday he drove them to his church in Manhattan--an eight-mile drive that took the very best part of an hour.

Clara: How did you learn to be a city driver?
Giles: Easy--I just started driving the way I had always wanted to.

I was thinking of this as I rode around with him yesterday doing last-day errands. He doesn't change lanes like a small-town boy anymore.


Sara said...

Haha, that sounds scary for young men to drive "the way they always wanted to!"

kath said...

I had to laugh reading this. Having driven in Manhattan myself many times, it really is the closest most men will come to driving in the Indy 500. Racing to get through a yellow light, dodging cabs, buses and pedestrians, up and down one way streets - crazy. I hate it, but my husband, on the other hand, sees it as a challenge!

Farrah said...

I live in a large city with traffic equivalent to Manhattan. Learning to go from country driving to city driving was scary but fun!

Kate at Wonderful Life Farm said...

Haha! That had me chuckling aloud. Having grown up in southern CA, I do have city driving skills. But now I live in rural NH, and those skills have relaxed a bit. But last year I drove in Manhattan for the first time ever! Southern CA doesn't even prepare you for that! My husband thinks Paris driving prepares you for Manhattan. The rule he says is: just stay out of the way of the car in front of you, and everything works. Makes a scary kind of way.

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