Friday, February 01, 2013

Frosty Morning Log Cabin Quilt

My mother finished quilting and binding this log cabin quilt for me, as usual (I do the piecing and turn it over to her). I absolutely adore her design choices. 

She picked up on my quilt title ("Frosty Morning") and bound the edges in a surprising French blue printed with snowflakes, and it's just perfect! And here and there she ran a line of embroidery in blue, rather than the expected yellows and pinks.

She has a such an eye for color, I wish you could see her house! Quilt is in the shop.


maven said...

That quilt is really beautiful! I especially love the idea of adding a blue accent thread and binding - what a creative idea.

I know that I for one would love a photo tour of her house someday! Perhaps? ;)

Lisa said...

Yes, Anna - you shouldn't have mentioned it; now everyone is going to try and imagine what her home looks like. :)


Anonymous said...

Its an absolutely gorgeous quilt!!

Farrah said...

That is a beautiful quilt. I wish I had seen it in time!

Mother B said...

I am the lucky one that got this quilt! I am so proud to have it. It is even more beautiful in person! Thank you Anna!!

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