Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Some Easy Jersey Dress Patterns

Here are a couple of Big Four patterns I've been working with lately, with cotton jersey. I love the Alabama Chanin patterns but wanted something with a little more drape and these have fit the bill nicely for my recent projects. 

First up, Burda 7082. This dress has a pleated, not-too-low crossover bodice (it does benefit from a pin or a stitch to hold things together). It also has a built-in sash across the front, with an interesting twist.  I initially tried to sew it as presented in the pattern but it was just too much fabric, so I simplified it to a straight strip across the front. 

And on my second time around, I took a great portion of the center front fullness out of the skirt.

 If you carefully mark the pleats, this is an easy pattern to sew, and very flattering.

I've also enjoyed Simplicity 2369. I did a trial of this in some cotton-poly jersey blend, in the tunic length. I've never worn raglan sleeves before, but something about the drape of the sleeve, and the cut of the front was really working for me! Even in my junky fabric this felt supremely elegant, so I was excited to make it up in a longer dress form, with the same sleeves. Yes! I love the dress, although I've taken off the unnecessary tie to streamline things, and just sewn the crossover panel into the opposite side seam.

There you have it--two flattering patterns that call for knits. Make them plain or dress them up with Alabama Chanin-style handwork. That's what I'm going to do!


Jodes said...

Ooh I have that second one, and have thought about doing it Alabama Chanin style! You inspire me as always :)

Margo said...

Helpful pattern review. Are you just using your regular machine to sew with knits? Using a zig-zag or straight stitch? I do have the ballpoint needles that I know are good for knits because they don't snag, but I still haven't really sewed into the knits much.

Anonymous said...


I am a 36bust, 29waist, 42 hips. Would you recommend this dress?


Anna said...

Margo, I'm using my regular machine with a shallow zigzag stitch. And ignoring any instructions to finish the seams--they're not necessary.

Maria, absolutely. I'm quite familiar with those measurements :) and these dresses are perfect. The Burda runs large through the torso though.

The Mayo Family said...

Hello Anna,
Just checking in on to see if
you had anything on about your how your son's were doing!
Praying for all~
Also, any 'patch-work' quilts in the works?

Anna said...

Lori, thanks for asking! Giles is doing really well--has a temporary crown on his tooth and has no pain, tooth, neck, or otherwise--what a blessing!

Felix is blissfully happy in Peru, loves his host family, the languages, the land, the birds, etc. I look forward to my message every day telling me he's still alive. :)

rbjaneite said...

One of my goals for this year is to sew a knit dress or two, and this is definitely inspiring! One pattern that has been tempting me is the 'Tiramisu' dress by sewingcake.com.

I also want to learn to knit socks this year. Two mildly ambitious goals - we'll see how I go!

anglow said...

Have bought two Fresh Produce knit dresses for summer. Now I am going to make my own knockoffs and these patterns will be perfect. Thanks!

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