Saturday, March 23, 2013

Anna's Garden Dress in Midnight

Surprisingly only a two week project--I've been wearing it and loving it for a week. All that quilting and snipping was fun, fun, fun! 

This stenciling was messy--I've done another project since and it came out much better since I  abandoned the sponge for a stiff paintbrush, and didn't try to water the paint down at all. I used a sponge here, and watery paint, and I had some leakage and some weird shapes happening, which I ignored. I love this stuff! I'm keeping on.


Jodes said...

Gorgeous! I really must get out my books and get working on a project!

Lisa said...

Very, very pretty!


Sara said...

It's beautfiul! Is the whole skirt lined with black, or just where you're working?

I love the designs, but I freeze up when it comes to making a stencil and putting paint on a dress!

Unknown said...

So lovely. And flattering. I bought the Chanin book a while ago, now I really must get some fabric!

Anonymous said...

Crazy idea that defeats part of the purpose of reverse applique: if you use full-thickness paint, does it stiffen the fabric enough that you could cut out the shapes (possibly with a rotary cutter or an Xacto knife, even) and then sew it to the layer underneath?

If the careful trimming is the fun part, though, please ignore! :-)

Carol said...

Beautiful work!, (MD)

Julian said...

I agree. Its pretty! Great job!

Anna said...

The whole skirt is lined, Sara.

This full-thickness paint isn't stiff at all. It's a bottle of screen painting fabric paint from Hobby Lobby.

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