Monday, May 20, 2013

A Gray and Green Day in Cologne

We had been planning to do some shopping today but it was a holiday (Pentecost) and the stores were uniformly closed. 

The skies stayed gray but as long as they weren't actually raining on us we walked about. We stumbled on the Antoninerkirche, and because we could hear the organ music rolling out into the street we went in. A very small, spare church, now Protestant, rebuilt after war damage in the most elegant grays.

And in one corner, this remarkable, bone-chilling sculpture called "The Levitation". It's just there hanging over a slab of marble engraved with the dates of the two world wars. And overwhelming organ music while we looked.

Next we went to the Composer's grandmother's neighborhood. He and his mother spent several summers staying with her in her apartment. This park is nearby; he used to play here. It's got sizeable green hills in it made from bombing rubble. 

And almost last, a very cozy dinner in a wood-panelled restaurant. Lots of diners eating sausage, of course! Bella had this plate of sauerbraten and potato dumplings (applesauce not shown),

and I ordered goulash, a specialty here. We marvelled at the menu offering 3/4 of a meter of bratwurst for dinner! It's got to be in links or that's a really long plate . . . 

And very last, a stop at the ice cream store (our third in two days). It does seem like a tour of European ice cream sometimes when you're traveling with the Composer. Tonight the sour cherry was the big winner.

Tomorrow we have ninety minutes to shop in before we run for the train. We have a battle plan drawn up and we implement breakfast at 700 sharp.


elizabeth said...

How wonderful that stores were closed for Pentecost! Glory to God!

Lisa said...

Too bad you couldn't shop today, but it is nice to think that stores are closed for religious reasons, somewhere and sometime.

Lovely park!


Farrah said...

The statue over the marble is beautiful, simple, and eerie. The park is neat. I'm so glad for the Composer to visit his Grandmother's town and that he's sharing it with his family. The European Ice Cream Tour sounds fabulous.

Rose said...

Are you going on to Italy? This is amazing me after France such a short while ago.

Anna if you come across a authentic German plum cake recipe please save it for blogging one day.

Donna said...

I love to travel, thank you for taking us all along!

Anonymous said...

If you come again to Cologne on your way back,you should definitely visit one of the 12 Romanesque churches. They are so beautiful! Btw, the 75 cm of bratwurst come in a spiral, called a Bratwurstschnecke (bratwurst snail).
Greetings fom Koblenz

Margitta said...

Oh! I grew up at the rhine... but more south (black forrest area)... now I crave some Sauerbraten! :)
But Köln is not far north, I moved to Norway - that is far north! Enjoy your time in Germany! As for the icecream shops, make sure you find the authentic italian ones... so much better! :)

Catherine said...

Have a good time! Sorry you catched such a cold may, this is not the usual german weather in may.

Greetings from Berlin! Catherine

Anonymous said...

a link for Felix:


Farrah said...

I hope you're having fun! I've missed your posts.

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