Monday, May 13, 2013

At Home Again, with a Brighter Mudroom

It seems like ages since I've sat here to type--such a full weekend with a lot of car time (stitching!), and now a full(er) house. It's so nice to have Clara home. We're currently bonding in the garden among the weeds, making things look better.

Right before we left I painted two of the mudroom walls. They had always been unpainted pine, which had darkened a lot over the years. This spring the Composer had to replace some wood from water damage around the door and the new boards didn't really match. At all. So I decided that white paint would cover all. It's so much lighter down there now! I used a semi-gloss in my favorite Atrium White, so when trouble marks the walls, which it will in this room that stores dirty boots, recycling, and who knows what all, I can scrub and repaint at will.


Rose said...

Australians don't have mud rooms, we have verandahs for this type of thing. I had to Google 'mud room' some years ago, at first I wondered if it was a room full of mud! Mud rooms don't tend to be mentioned in books so it wasn't until the advent of blogs that I heard of them.

Farrah said...

Glad y'all made it home safely! :)

Lucille said...

I too am a stranger to the mud room. We have a utility room with a big butler sink and an old quarry tiled floor. Perhaps that is the same thing. It used to be called a scullery in days of yore. Looking forward to bringing our younger son home soon. You must be so glad to have Clara back.

Lisa said...

Oh, a light color makes so much difference!


Polly said...

We are finishing our basement right now and we'll have a laundry/mud room. But I am totally stealing this one from Lucille: it shall now be called The Scullery. Love that.

So glad Clara is home...I know it must be so lovely to have her there!

Jodes said...

If I ever get to build my own house, I'm so having a mud room! As Rose said, we don't have them here, and actually most laundries probably serve the purpose, but they're often barely big enough for the machines and tub. But I'll start a trend, because yours is lovely :)

Glad that you have your big girlie home for the summer, I am sure you will have heaps of fun!

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