Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Housewife's Ipad

A year ago I would never have thought I'd get an iPad, but for a number of reasons late last summer I just went out and bought one at Walmart. My children were stunned. They know how incapable I am.

And yet, it's proved to be a faithful friend, doing everything I need it to, and surpassing the Composer's expectation (World's Most Expensive Kitchen Timer--it's not the device he's dubious of, it's my skills).

Okay, I do love the kitchen timer. And the messages (I only text with immediate family, and this way I can send important pictures of Fitzwilliam to the boys). And the quick internet browsing.

In addition, I use and love these apps:

Due.  I use this system of reminders for weekly, monthly, or otherwise tasks. Fun to check off, easy to program. I've really been able to order my housework in a way that makes sense, and things don't fall throughthe cracks.

Bento. I've set up two ways to use this (possibilities are endless though). First, I catalogued all my patterns by photographing the front and back of each, and indexing them by size and category. Now I can take my iPad into the fabric store and know exactly how much fabric I need for anything at all.

I also set up categories for recipes. No more magazine pages for me--I just take a picture of the recipe and index it by category. So much less piled paper in the kitchen.

And I adore my Audio Bible. I use this every day and have combined my daily Scripture reading with handwork or knitting, to my great satisfaction.


Beccy said...

I didn't know it would read my Bible to me!!!! Thank you! I am so excited. :o). So fun to learn something new about my app.

Saskia said...

I use my daughters iPad so much that I should really buy my own, she's trying to persuade me to buy hers so she can upgrade. We're in negotiations at the moment and let me tell you she drives a hard bargain for a 15 year old.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Thanks for sharing your favorite apps. I love to hear what people are finding in the app store because often I can use the same ones.

My favorite Bible app is You Version as I'm able to change which version of the Bible I want to read. I am reading The Message version right now.

Amy said...

I'm incapable right along with you & I think my family would be shocked if I came home with one as well. I can see the advantages though.

Reinventing Mother said...

I have had an iPad since their advent. All my knitting charts are inn an app called iAnnotate. Wonderful app but not free. I use my iPad all the time. It is a wonderful tool!

Polly said...

Oh, these sound great! I am similarly incapable; a few years ago my husband bought me an ipod touch for my birthday & I had no idea what it was. But I have made good use of that little device and the apps--I only use practical apps that help me organize my life. My problem now is that many app upgrades or new apps aren't compatible with the ioS that I'm running, & I haven't figured out how to upgrade it yet (I think it is possible, but...I am incapable!). I LOVE the categorizing of patters functionality, too!

The ipad seems like such a useful device!

Sleen said...

I'm seeing a million possibilities for Bento! Too bad I don't have an iPad. I love databases! Thank you for sharing your favorite apps.

Eileen said...

I don't have an iPad but my my Mother's Day/birthday gift (since they were the same day this year) was a Kindle. I love the feel of books but with some current eye problems, a Kindle makes it easier to read for long periods and I love it! Even better, there were several Grace Livingston Hill books available for no charge! I chose them since you recommended them so highly and I am hooked! Reading before bed helps me to wind down at the end of the day and her books are what I need to find a little peace at the end of a busy day.

nicole said...

I use the youversion bible on my android phone. Love it. I can switch from german to english and between different versions, back and forth and back again until it all makes sense in my english-german jumbled brain :-)

Hope Anne said...

Two years ago we adopted a daughter with severe special needs. Having spent hours and hours in hospitals, Drs offices and clinics the last two years, I often thank God that Apple invented the IPad. It is God's gift to special needs parents, I believe. ;-)

Fiona said...

I love my iPad :)
Good for you and thanks for the app recommendations.
My local library provides free digital magazines to members. I might never buy a magazine again!

Heather said...

I think "the Proverbs 31 woman" would have used a Ipad/tablet too if she had one. And you definitely seem to exemplify her. :)

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