Friday, July 26, 2013

More on Clara's Crinolines

I don't have any photos yet, but I can tell you that Clara is making her crinolines from these instructions for a crinoline. They're really just a footnote to a dress pattern, and see, you can purchase the pattern as an inexpensive downloadable pdf.

You make a very simple, very short elastic-waist "skirt" that's really just a hip yoke, then gather quite a bit of stiff netting on to it for the skirt of the petticoat. Clara then adds another fully gathered ruffle around the bottom for even more volume. You can repeat the layers until you get the fullness you want.

One of her crinolines will be built on a slim, gored "short skirt" taken from a skirt pattern, closing with a short zipper, to give a slimmer hip line. 


Anonymous said...

My daughter has been using a "Petticoat" ( what a crinoline was called back in the 1950s ) for some time to finish off the proper drape of her 1950s fashions that she has sewn from her grandmother's patterns. Hope that Clara likes hers as well as my girl has loved hers.

Anonymous said...

Ahh... How well I remember crinolines from my grade school days in the 1950's! I do remember that they scratched, but the worst part for me was that it all had to be tucked into my snow pants when I walked home on cold, winter days. Double scratch!

They do make a dress look pretty, though. When I was at Gymboree lately, I saw a dress with a crinoline, but it was lined so no scrath for little ones.

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