Monday, September 23, 2013

Giles Doing Dishes

So grateful for our gorgeous weekend with our gorgeous youngsters. Cooking, hanging out in the sunshine, church together, eating, some yard frisbee (even if Felix's head did meet Daisy's face and send her to the ER on Saturday night to get her lip glued back together).


Unknown said...

Felix had me laughing. I know what he means, when I try to explain where I am from. A true country bumpkin now citified. Sorry to hear about Daisy's lip. I hope she is feeling better.
Thank you for sharing.
I needed a laugh today. My husband is on his 3rd deployment to the middle east. Life gets a little lonely sometimes.
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Daisy.....OUCH! Don't smile for a few days. :o/


Rose said...

"even if Felix's head did meet Daisy's face and send her to the ER on Saturday night to get her lip glued back together" Who's got the best story to tell i wonder.

Love the Beverley Hillbillies riposte!

Flepandco said...

Touche Felix! Although I must admit I've never actually watched the Beverly Hillbillies... nor Portlandia for that matter.

Lisa said...

The Beverly Hillbillies - Anna!
Your blog certainly doesn't give that impression. :D


Jen said...

Hilarious! Hope Daisy is okay. We spent five hours in the ER on Friday night/Saturday morning with our son, whose trip on the zip line didn't quite go as planned! Thankfully, he only broke his arm!

Enjoy having all your chicks around for a few days!

Farrah said...

Poor Daisy!

I hope Giles and Cornelia had a pleasant visit.

the momma said...

haha :D

I trust Daisy is healing nicely.

(I think I really like your corner cabinet set-up ~ would you mind if I pinned that picture? seeing that it's technically a picture of Giles, and not the kitchen, I thought I ought to ask... Of course, if you wanted to post (or e-mail me) a picture of the kitchen without your dashing son, that'd work, too ;-)

Polly said...

Ha! I like the way Felix thinks. It sounds like the type of joke we'd make in our house. Which is also more Beverly Hillbillies than Portlandia.

sherry said...

excellent retort. :)
hoping daisy is feeling much better with each new day.

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