Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Rosemary and a River Rock

I think we are settling down for fall. The weather promises to turn (we had a freak straight-line wind this weekend that took out a big chunk of our silver maple), the cherry leaves are blowing down into the pool, and Daisy has resigned herself to some daily schoolwork.

We're just in the process of settling a temporary third daughter in--a lovely young lady from Saudi Arabia will be staying with us for at least the month. Brave girl! Her first time from home, and her first insects, as she is a girl from both the City and the Desert.


Farrah said...

Welcome to America, 3rd daughter! You are in a most excellent home.

Best wishes Daisy and Bella on their school year! Happy fall Anna!

Polly said...

Brave girl? I say lucky girl! What a lovely month she'll have in your home.

Rose said...

How nice for all of you to have your guest, such fun to exchange ideas and experiences.

Spring has started early here and I'm not complaining!

Lisa said...

Anna, your rosemary puts me in mind of something I just stumbled on yesterday - http://thenaturalweddingcompany.co.uk/blog/2013/02/cake-love-a-frosted-cranberry-and-rosemary-winter-wedding-cake/

a beautiful cake, decorated with rosemary. You could do that.


April said...

What fun to have a guest from so far. I would be quizzing her on everything from recipes and her lifestyle at home.

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