Thursday, October 17, 2013

Peace Be To This House Crewelwork

I picked up this nicely-done crewelwork at the thrift store. I typically find the masking-taped around cardboard and stuck in a frame.

I'll take all that apart and sew the crewelwork into a pillow cover. This one's got textured velvet strips sewn around the front, and will have a salmon linen back, with a brown zipper.


Saskia said...

Very pretty, it's always fun to find an embroidered treasure isn't it!

Rozy Lass said...

So beautiful. What a lovely addition to your home.

Andrea R said...

I have this exact same one hanging in my house. It was sold by Creative Circle via home parties in the early 80's.

Lisa said...

I haven't found such things at our thrift store. That's pretty.


Anna said...

Andrea, thanks for the information. I love knowing where these things originated--also, the idea that there were lots of these being worked at the same time.

Karen Andreola said...

Having spent a good amount of time stitching myself I can guess at the time and care that went into that attractive and experienced-stitched piece. It's a wonder how you find such nice things.
Karen A.

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