Friday, November 15, 2013

Apple Slices Log Cabin Quilt

I quilted this one myself because a) I needed a mindless sewing project; b) I wanted it quilted in spirals the way you would peel an apple; and c) Mother's already working on one, with one waiting in line.

It was so much fun, and I especially loved using DMC Perle 8 for the first time. Easy to thread, easy to pull through the quilt, and I love the luster! I'm using it for my next quilt too.

There's a lot of linen in this quilt (all the teal and natural), several beloved flannel shirts, and some familiar dressmaking scraps. It was different working with mostly solids rather than prints.


Julie said...

Love it!

Lisa said...

Very pretty! Nice idea to spiral the stitching, too.


Simple Fascinations said...

Nice whimsy...the spiral square quilting!

Rozy Lass said...

You are so prolific! Beautiful colors and love that spiral.

Dell said...


Dianna said...

It's beautiful (and charming and whimsical). I love it!

The Mayo Family said...

I love this!
I in the last two months bought the DMC Perle 8 cotton as well,
I'd read it off Molly Flanders's blog she uses this a lot.
I must confess, I've not used it I am inspired!
Praying your Mom is doing well!

Elaine said...

Your color and fabric choices are always wonderful, Anna.
What is your choice of needle for working with this thread? I don't usually hand quilt but using Perle cotton could be fun.

Donna said...

Pull the knot through so it sits between the layers, that way will not be a temptation to pull on it, and is hidden.

Lovely colors, as usual!

Anna said...

Donna, when I'm using quilting thread I do hide the knots, but somehow I like seeing them when I'm working with the chunkier, colorful embroidery floss or perle cotton.

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