Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Business in the Front: An Alabama Chanin Shirt Variation

Basically I went with a mullet concept here ("Business in the front, party in the back"). I took the tee shirt pattern from Alabama Studio + Design and found it to be a little tame. First I cut down the neckline, a super-easy fix. Just cut it to please yourself, as it's simply finished with a strip of binding.

I had actually already gone with a seam down the back, to accomodate the swayback adjustment I needed to make. I left the seam open from the bottom up to the point I wanted to add my "bustle", then cut out a half-circle of fabric (the circle's radius was the same length as the unsewn portion of seam), and added it into the seam as a godet.

For sparkle, and to assist in good draping, I beaded the hand-sewn seam with chop beads. If I had been thinking (which I didn't do apparently until this afternoon on my run, when I thought of this), I would have beaded the bottom edge of the godet as well, for the same reasons. I'll do it tomorrow.

And the neckline is beaded. All these materials, by the way, are from my local Hobby Lobby. Use that 40% off coupon and get bold!

*Sharp-eyed readers may recognize my skirt as part of my "Anna's Garden Reverse Stencil Jersey Dress" from last spring. I found I didn't like the bodice of the dress, and chopped it off. Then I finished the top edge of the skirt with foldover elastic and gave it a new lease on life.


Celeste said...

I love the bustle! This reminds me of an 1880's riding habit that I long to make some day (Past Patterns).

Rose said...

As a non-sewer I have no idea what you said in that post Anna but I do love your outfit -- and the short bob. I hope the fact that you had a run means that you are well on the road to recovery.

kath said...

I love it. The bustle is so cute and unexpected and the skirt sounds so comfortable!

the momma said...

clever, clever girl!!

Lisa said...

What a cute and very clever idea, Anna!
Did you also get the fabric from Hobby Lobby?
(glad you're able to run again)


Polly said...

This is so great. And so much better than a mullet.

Truly, you inspire me!

Anna said...

Lisa, yes, the fabric is from Hobby Lobby. It's not the best quality, but for messing around with a new cut I'm not going to pay the big bucks.

Rose, it took 22 days after the onset of flu before I could run again! But I'm well now.

Farrah said...

The beading is lovely!

I'm glad you're well enough to run. Did y'all get thr ice and snow like us?

Wendy said...

It reminds me of a riding habit as well, you are amazing!

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