Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Daisy's Harmonica

First the stilts, now the harmonica. If she gets a coonskin cap we'll have done an entire 1950s childhood. 

We stopped at the very old-school music store downtown today. They had a whole case of harmonica choices behind glass. The Little Lady was too tiny, but the Pocket Pal came home with us.


Melissa said...

Is she still enjoying her piano lessons? What a treasured childhood you have given your children.

AnneL said...

And I have a beautiful red fox skin hat that is too small for me complete with tail. Better than a coonskin. It's Daisy's if she wants it. :) I'd hate to think she couldn't complete her 50s moment.

Lisa said...

She seems very musical! Either that, or she's just trying all sorts of things. :)


Anna said...

Melissa, she blows hot and cold on piano. She hates being assigned blues/rock style pieces and loves simple classical things and folk songs.

AnneL, I think she would love that! I'll contact you through your profile if you have a link there. If not, would you contact me through mine?

Lucille said...

Hula hoops and yo-yos ticked off yet?

Farrah said...

My youngest had his harmonica forever and loved it! I hope Daisy gets the cap.

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