Saturday, March 01, 2014

An Alabama Chanin Rooster for Felix

Although posing on my ladies' mannequin, this tee is indeed for Felix. He left me one of his Uniqlo V-necks to work on, and I stenciled and stitched him the classic rooster. I did this same design several years ago on a yellow jersey for a pillow and somehow it seemed like the biggest deal and took forever to finish.

I guess my thousand hours of practice are paying off--after the paint dried this took me just a days' worth of sewing to quilt and then cut. On a busy day, too, with plenty of baby-sitting.

This was quite possibly my favorite project of all time to work on . . . because the shirt smelled like Felix.


seashoreknits said...

You are such a great mom.

The blue and the grey - quite nice, masculine combo.
Lucky Felix!

kath said...

When he outgrows it or it becomes worn out, you can use it in a quilt block!

Lisa said...

Have you thought of making your own stencil designs at some point?


Rose said...

Felix will love it I'm sure. He may also like a TV series by David Attenborough called "Flying Monsters" -- I thought of him during last night's episode. It has brilliant animations based on scenes from the British Museum of Natural History.

Polly said...

Alabama Chanin for the guys: I love it! Just promised my son a few weeks ago that I could embroider some tees for him for summertime. He gets the short end of the sewing stick and I'd like to remedy that!

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