Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Streusel Cake

Baking again from Vintage Cakes (of course), this time the Plum Streusel Cake. Jane Brocket carefully explains that streusel cakes aren't actually vintage in Scandinavia because they've never gone out of fashion. They've always been in style at my house too, and taste just as good as if they *were* vintage.

The cookbook directs you towards plums, but I used giant blackberries I picked and froze this summer. Also, I've taken to putting all these round cakes into the springform pan for easy removal and serving. 


Lisa said...

Anna, when you pour batter into a springform pan, do you need to wrap the pan in foil, so nothing seeps out? I do this for cheesecake but haven't used the pan for anything else.


Anna said...

Lisa, I wrap the pan for cheesecake because it goes in a water bath--but never for anything else. No problems with the batter running out.

Lisa said...

Ha! The cheesecakes I've made don't call for a water bath - interesting!


Heather said...

It looks delicious. Since when should recipes be considered out of fashion when they are so pretty and tasty and use real ingredients? Long live, streusel! :)

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