Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Angie's Fall on Black

A not-so-great stenciling job somewhat rescued by reverse applique and trimming *all* of the painted shape (obviously the stitching is just *outside* the shape). 

This is pale pink on black, and I'm thinking I will bead all the tiny shapes and little lines. The stencil is Alabama Chanin's Angie's Fall. Love the echinacea and the passion flower; they both grow at my house.


Polly said...

My best friend from college just wrote me this morning to tell me that her mom is going to tour Alabama Chanin and have lunch there tomorrow (they live in Florence). I would love to go just to get some stenciling tips--that's the part that makes me feel most nervous.

Vija said...

Anna, after a disappointing experience with paint on thin jersey, I am trying a new technique that I really like. I am using a thin sharpie with the stencil, stitching outside of it (for reverse applique), and cutting out the shape about 1/8 inch inside the lines. One could always cut along the sharpie line, too. It's fun to have a break from finicky paint!

Just Me said...

I always love your Alabama Chanin inspired dresses and skirts! Now I am just a tad curious - how to you stencil the shapes on your fabric?

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