Monday, May 12, 2014

Fetching Clara

The morning I got back from my trip to New York to see Giles, we left to go pick up Clara and all her worldly (summertime) goods.

 It was great heading north because we got a do-over on spring--we drove back into the time of lilacs and tulips. 

We have to squeeze Clara's cello into the car when we travel, so we were glad she could leave some things in storage on campus. . . 

Because the car got pretty full once we visited the ethnic grocery store, the chocolate shop, the vintage store, and the needlework store, in the one day we had to spend while Clara finished tests, returned books, and packed up.

I realize there's no picture of Clara here, which might make you think we didn't actually fetch her, but we did! Proof tomorrow.


Davene Grace said...

If I could, I would probably meander my way north every spring, at the same pace as the blossoming lilacs do. They would be a good guide, I think.

I'm glad you got to enjoy them a second time--and even more glad that you got to bring a daughter home. :)

Rose said...

How lovely for all of you to have Clara home, I hope it's a great summer. I love Bella's hat with her summer frock, that girl has style!

Farrah said...

I missed you this week and am glad you traveled safely. I'm sure you're glad to have your oldest girl home. My Mom was the same with me.

Holly said...

Just so glad to see a post from you! Welcome back, Anna! :)

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