Friday, May 16, 2014

Paisley Stencil Work

I'm using Alabama Chanin's "Paisley" stencil on a new dress. I didn't bother stenciling the design onto the wine-colored cotton, I just made some very general chalk marks for placement. Then I used the stencil to trace the cut out shapes in the nude color.

The applique is done with just an overcast stitch, but now I'm outlining all the shapes in both colors--the buff and then the wine. The running stitches are my favorite--so easy. Wrestling the curling little tendrils into place for applique, not so much.


Lisa said...

I like the contrast.


Polly said...

I am really liking this technique. I have not done applique, only the reverse applique, but this could be a good method for embellishment on summer skirts....are you doing the stencil work on a single layer of cotton jersey or on a double layer?

I am stitching my first single-layer skirt for summer now--plain black, unembellished, a pattern experiment, to be used in the garden and around the house (I think). But the next skirt is going to get some more decorative attention....

Anonymous said...

So very pretty, love that wine color! Have you tried using a basting spray for the tendrils? You might want to try using a glue stick. Just the regular kind the kids use.

Anna said...

I thought about basting spray, but haven't used it before and didn't know if it would wash out completely. I managed just using pins.

Polly, I'm working on just a single layer. I have yet to make a double layer garment with AC jersey--just can't bring myself to double the cost of materials.

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