Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dixie Trixx

Daisy *owns* her own goat now. Dixie Trixx. We have five other goats here that we care for but this one belongs to Daisy and can't be given away or sold.

There isn't such a thing, but she appears to be a Teacup Nigerian Pygmy goat. She's about half the size of a typical Nigerian Pygmy. Sweet and docile.

And starting a nice wardrobe of collars. Green striped with a tailored bowtie, for weekdays. Rhinestones for Sundays.


Farrah said...

Oh my word, both Daisy and Dixie are as sweet as can be!

Rose said...

Trixx? I am guessing that double 'x' is important. Let's hope Dixie Trixx doesn't get up to trixx with Mabel.

Fiona said...

She is beautiful! And stylish, too. What a great thing for Daisy. We live in the city but I once held goat kids that were just 3 hours old, and didn't want to hand them back!

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

Congrats to Daisy! Dixie is adorable! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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